Bengaluru Uber Driver Assaults Woman & Son For Entering Wrong Cab; Assault Caught On CCTV

by Sanjana Shenoy
Bengaluru Uber Driver Assaults Woman & Son For Entering Wrong Cab; Assault Caught On CCTV

It’s quite common to book rides via online ride-hailing apps. But what’s not common is to have a heated verbal or physical altercation with a cab driver. In a shocking incident, a woman and her son were assaulted by an Uber driver in Bengaluru for getting into the wrong cab. And the gut-wrenching moment was caught in the apartment’s CCTV camera. Here’s what actually happened.

Uber Driver Hits Woman On The Head & Assaults Son In Bengaluru

Bengalurean Ajay Agrawal took to X (formerly Twitter) to narrate a shocking incident that happened with his wife and son in the city. In a tweet on X, the man states that his wife booked an Uber to take their son to Manipal Hospital for a medical appointment. The cab, KA26A9391, driven by Basavaraj reached their apartment complex at 11:05 am. However, as soon as the mother and son got in and before the car went ahead, they realised they boarded the wrong cab.

And they immediately notified the driver of the same. Ajay Agrawal further states that his son came out. But the driver started shouting and even accelerated the car, despite the woman getting out of the vehicle. Then, the driver came out of the vehicle and repeatedly hit the woman on her head. The son, who came out to save his mother, was also assaulted.

Their neighbours stepped out to help and called the police. That’s when the driver got into his car and tried to flee the scene. But he was stopped by the main gate security. The family lodged a police complaint at Bellandur police station. Moreover, the entire assault was captured on their CCTV camera.

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Police Investigate The Matter; Netizens Demand Better Helpline

The Bengaluru man bashed Uber despite their latest tech, promising a focus on security, they weren’t able to reach them. Ajay Agrawal furthermore stated to the ride-hailing platform to avoid showing any concern and rather investigate the matter. Uber Support on their part, apologised to Ajay in a tweet for the negative experience he faced. And promises to take necessary actions.

Bengaluru City Police also replied in a tweet and told the victims to share the contact details of the driver. Many Netizens took to the comments section, demanding Uber a way to reach them immediately in case of grave issues. One person even stated that there is no dedicated call centre to reach out to incase they face issues with the driver.

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Meanwhile, what do you think about this horrific incident? Will you think twice before hailing a cab ride through an app?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva and @ajayagraw/X