Bengaluru Woman Claims She Was Rejected For A Job Because Of Fair Complexion; Netizens Divided

by Shreya Shriyan
Bengaluru Woman Claims She Was Rejected For A Job Because Of Fair Complexion; Netizens Divided

Applying for jobs itself can be a daunting experience. Now imagine this anxiety, doubled with the fear that you may get rejected because of your skin tone. For this Bengaluru woman though, it became her reality, or so she says. The woman claimed she was rejected because of her skin tone, but Netizens seem to have divided views.

Bengaluru Woman Claims To Be Rejected For A Job Due To Her Skin Tone

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Image Credits: Pratiksha Jichkar’s LinkedIn

A LinkedIn post made by a Bengaluru woman is now going viral for all the wrong reasons. The post made and shared by LinkedIn user Pratiksha Jichkar, claims she was rejected from a job. Why? Well, she went on to share a screenshot of the rejection email which stated the reason for her being a “little fairer”. 

Jichkar, who seems to be located in Bengaluru according to her LinkedIn profile, posted about her recent rejection. In her lengthy post, she expressed that despite meeting all the necessary qualifications and skills, she was turned down in the final interview round because the team felt her skin tone was too fair. 

She even claims that she went through three rounds of interviews and an assignment. However, the Internet doesn’t seem to believe her story. Many Netizens believe the screenshot is fake. Some even commented that no HR professional would send a mail stating that reason. 

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Netizens Have A Different Opinion

After blurring out the company name, she shared a screenshot of the email. The email stated that although they found her qualifications and skills suitable, they couldn’t proceed with her for the role. The reason cited was that her fair skin tone didn’t align with the current team’s diversity.  

And that they believed in maintaining an inclusive and equal-opportunity environment internally. Consequently, they chose not to extend her an offer. Jichkar posted the screenshot on LinkedIn, expressing her shock and disbelief at the response. 

She urged the anonymous company to improve its work culture by hiring based on skills rather than complexion. Her post gained immense popularity with over 12,000 ‘likes’ on LinkedIn and also spread to other platforms like Reddit and Twitter, reported MoneyControl.

However, some people questioned the authenticity of her story. A few commenters felt that Pratiksha’s post might not be completely true. A few users of other platforms commented how the post is a publicity stunt and not real. 

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Another comment claimed that even if this is the corporate reality, no company would mention this in a rejection mail, reported MoneyControl. After receiving all the “feedback” that she has on her post, Jichkar now seems to have her comments turned off under her original LinkedIn post.

Do you think Jichkar’s post was factually accurate or a doctored email posted for publicity? Let us know in the comments.

Cover image courtesy: Pratiksh Jichkar’s Linkedin