Gurgaon: Woman Hires Cab For 12 Hours, Refuses To Pay, Yells At Cops; Video Goes Viral

by Vaishalee Kalvankar

Social media surprises us with many viral videos every single day. Some videos are cute and heartwarming, instilling our belief in the world, while others make us rethink the world we live in. A recent viral video featured a woman in Gurgaon who hired a cab for 12 hours and refused to pay him. She was also seen arguing with the cops. Here’s what actually happened. 

Gurgaon: Woman Hires Cab For 12 Hours, Refuses Payment

A video on Twitter is going viral and is disturbing and confusing at the same time. The incident was recorded in Huda City Centre in Gurgaon. 

The video features a woman who can be seen arguing with police officers and refusing to pay her cab driver. The woman is seen raising her voice at the officer in a very disrespectful manner. 

Behind her stands the cab driver, who has lodged a complaint against the woman because she refused to pay him after a 12 hour journey in his cab. According to speculation, the accused called a cab about 10 pm and forced the driver to wait until 11 am. 

However, she refused to pay the driver Rs. 2000 when he requested payment, causing a huge commotion on the street. Not only does the woman quarrel with the police officer, but she also does so with a journalist who was present and later posted the video on Twitter.

Netizens Are Shocked And Confused Too!

It appears that the woman has engaged in conflict before by refusing to pay for cab rides. A later tweet includes further video of the same women arguing on the road. It is alleged that the woman frequently rides in cabs and then threatens to report the drivers for harassment or molestation. 

The Twitter user described it as “Heights of misuse of laws by women who don’t spare even poor men.” 

Many Twitter users have encouraged the Gurgaon police department to investigate the situation and punish the alleged offender. Many others also found it difficult to understand the woman’s behaviour while riding in a cab all night long without having a specific goal in mind. 

As if that weren’t enough, a few people also questioned why the driver decided to keep driving for nearly 12 hours and how the total cost of the excursion only came to ₹2000.

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Cover Image Courtesy: @DeepikaBharadwaj/Twitter