Bengaluru Woman Shares Rapido Driver’s Kindness On Reddit; Internet Loves the Wholesome Exchange

In her Reddit post, the woman explained how the Rapido rider refused to take money from her as she was hurt and it was his one good deed for the day.

by Tashika Tyagi
Bengaluru Woman Shares Rapido Driver’s Kindness On Reddit; Internet Loves the Wholesome Exchange

We read somewhere that in a world where you can be anything, be kind! And this exchange between a Bengaluru Woman and Rapido captain just restored our faith that kind gentlemen still exist out there. A woman took to Reddit to share how a Rapido driver refused to take money from her as she was hurt. When she insisted on paying, he said it was his one good deed for the day and if she wanted to pay, then she could give it to someone else in need. Scroll on to read about the whole incident.

Woman Shares On Reddit How A Kind Rapido Man Helped Her

Kind Rapido Man
byu/thefuckingbest_14 inbangalore

A Bengaluru woman shared a wholesome incident with a Rapido captain on Reddit page, r/bangalore. The incident took place when the woman was coming back from her office in the evening. She explained that she usually walks to her home as getting a taxi during peak Bengaluru traffic hours is difficult and also she is “super broke.” Since the distance is about 2.5 kilometres, she takes it as a fitness challenge and walks all the way.

However, on June 21, while coming back home, she fell as she missed spotting a drain on the road. She was quite badly hurt and worse of all was that a man saw her and just laughed at her before walking away. Since she was not able to walk and hadn’t even covered half the distance, she decided to book a Rapido. Luckily for her, her bike cab arrived in less than five minutes.

Seeing her holding her shoes, the Rapido caption asked her “What happened?” The woman explained how she fell. In the Reddit post, she then mentioned that throughout the journey, the Rapido captain asked her about herself, why she was walking home, etc. He even called her a “baby” as she was still an intern in her office.

Coming to the best part, he refused to take money from her when he dropped her at her home. When she insisted, he said “When you get your own money then give it to someone who needs it. I try doing one good thing every day, you are that for me.” He then asked her to get inside and treat her injury.

The Redditor mentioned that this was her second week in Bengaluru and this incident was enough for her to form a perspective about the city and its people.

She then called him “Kind Rapido Man” and said that she hoped “all the good things happen to you. I hope you receive the kindness back and then some. I hope life is easier and happier for you.”

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Netizens Are Loving This Wholesome Exchange!

Reddit Rapido
Image Courtesy: Rapido

This wholesome exchange caught the attention of the internet and thousands of people liked and shared this story. Many people commented and mentioned how this beautiful incident had made them smile. Others said how amidst all the negativity on the internet, stories like these are a breath of fresh air! Here are some comments you cannot miss.

Reddit Rapido

Reddit Rapido



This, right here, is the reason we still pay our internet bills! We often underestimate the power of a kind gesture. Your little helping hand can make another person’s day like you can’t even imagine! What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments!

Cover Image Courtesy: Rapido & Reddit/r/bangalore

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