Bengaluru’s Beer Consumption Hits New Highs As Residents Seek Relief From Heatwave

Amid record-breaking beer sales, the city also faces heavy traffic congestion.

by Mallika Khurana
Bengaluru’s Beer Consumption Hits New Highs As Residents Seek Relief From Heatwave

Bengaluru, often hailed as the “Silicon Valley of India,” is usually known for its pleasant weather and tech-savvy population. However, the Karnataka capital is currently facing a sweltering heatwave, causing residents to seek ways to beat the heat. Amidst this scorching spell, an unusual trend has emerged: record-breaking sales of beer in Bengaluru. In addition to the city’s heatwave challenges, heavy traffic congestion is also causing disruptions. 

Amid Severe Heatwave, Beer Sales Surge In Bengaluru

Beer sales
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Until recently, Bengaluru was popular for its pleasant weather all year around. However, the city has not experienced any rainfall in the past four months, leading to extremely hot and dry conditions. This prolonged heatwave has become a challenge for the people of Bengaluru, who are trying different ways to cope with the rising temperatures.

According to a report by the Times of India, residents are increasingly turning to beer as a way to beat the heat. The report cited that a significant increase in beer sales has been observed in the city, with 23.5 lakh carton boxes of beer sold in Karnataka in just the last fifteen days. This increase in consumption is particularly notable due to the harsh weather conditions. The state’s total sales have already reached 61% of the target for the entire month of April 2023.

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Advisory To Deal With The Traffic Issues

Photo Credits: Canva

Bengaluru is not only dealing with severe weather conditions but also persistent traffic issues. A new traffic advisory has been released by the Bengaluru Traffic Police (BTP) to address traffic congestion on the KR Puram ramp of the Hebbal flyover. Due to construction, all traffic on this ramp is prohibited as of Wednesday, April 17, except for two-wheelers.

According to the reports, the BDA is adding two lanes to the Hebbal flyover to ease traffic flow. This assignment will demolish two spans of the KR Puram up ramp, which connects to the main track. To reach their destinations, commuters from Nagavara (Outer Ring Road) heading into the city are advised to take alternate routes. It is recommended that commuters from KR Puram head towards the city via IOC-Mukunda Theatre Road, the Lingarajapuram flyover, or the Nagavara-Tannery road.

The residents of Bengaluru are facing challenges from both the weather and traffic. However, they continue to find ways to cope and navigate through their city.

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