5 Best Breweries In Kolkata To Chug The Best Beers

by Shreya Ghosh
5 Best Breweries In Kolkata To Chug The Best Beers

Do you love to chug beers? If yes, then we have some great places to recommend to you. Kolkata is dotted with some of the best breweries and is popular among the Calcuttans for offering perfectly brewed cold beer. These places are perfect for fun nightlife on weekends or after a busy day. Get ready to hop into these places and enjoy glasses of freshly brewed cool beer and enjoy a great time with your loved ones.

Best Breweries In Kolkata To Chug The Best Beers

1. Scrapyard

Nestled in Elgin, Scrapyard is an amazing place to chug glasses of chilled beer overlooking the most perfect views of Kolkata. This is an open-air pub and sipping on your glass while witnessing the city skyline is a stunning experience. If you feel like ditching the open-air seating arrangement, grab a seat indoors and spend a fun time in a vibrant atmosphere. Scrapyard’s in-house brewery features flavoured beers and also different options such as Golden Ale, Pale Ale, and Hefeweizen.

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2. The Grid

Topsia’s The Grid is one of the best breweries in Kolkata known for their flavoured handcrafted beers. Their craft beers taste amazing and we are sure you will love chugging the beers. One of the first breweries in Kolkata, The Grid sparks a great vibe with its industrial appearance and a long bar to enjoy a great time. With freshly brewed beers, they serve some lip-smacking dishes such as pizza and burgers as well.


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3. Brewhive

Nestled in Sector V, Brewhive is a stunning pub in the city with a great setup of a brewery. The interiors are very unique with walls designed with funky decors and a long bar to hang out. All you need to do is gather your friends and tag them with you to Brewhive to enjoy great food and yummy beers.

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4. Country Roads

Situated on the second floor of New Town’s The Galleria, Country Roads is just the perfect place in the city for a night out with your friends. Once you step inside, you will feel very comfortable seeing the interiors beautifully designed with cosy couches, unique wooden tables, and perfect lighting. Country Roads’ in-house brewed beer makes it one of the best breweries in the city and you will have a great time chugging on their plethora of beer options.

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5. Motor Works & Brewing Company

To enjoy the grand urban nightlife in the City of Joy, you need to head to Motor Works & Brewing Company in Sector V. Kolkata is home to tons of breweries but no place looks so unique as this microbrewery. The interiors are an absolutely stunning sight to behold with a perfect blend of industrial looks and funky decor lighting up the place. This brewery brews its own beer and it is the tastiest!

Now that you know where you need to head after having a tiring day at work, when are you exploring these breweries?

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