13 Best European Honeymoon Destinations For Indians

by Pratiksha
13 Best European Honeymoon Destinations For Indians

A European honeymoon is a tale as old as time. It’s a dream that almost every girl harbours since her childhood. To have a big fat Indian wedding and then go on a trip to dreamy Europe with her chosen one. The only issue at hand is that all of Europe is picturesque! So, it is obviously a task to zero down on the place that you actually want to spend your honeymoon at. We decided to make your life easier by making a comprehensive list of the best European honeymoon destinations. Go through it and thank us later!

1. Paris In France

Can you ever go wrong with Paris? The go-to destination for honeymooners, it really doesn’t get more romantic than this. Dine at the finest restaurants while sampling the best desserts and wines. And right after that make sure that you get that iconic picture against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower. What can we say, there’s just romance in the air here, It’s one of the most well-connected cities in the world and you can trips to the French countryside as well.

2. Cinque Terre, Tuscany, Venice, Sicily In Italy

When all else fails, there is always Italy. And it offers to the world a bountiful of good food, the perfect amount of sunshine and some of the best wines in the world. If you are in the mood to kick back and relax with a glass of wine in hand as you soak in the sun then you will love Tuscany. And if you have a soft spot for the Italian mafia, olive oil and freshly baked bread then you will fall in love with Sicily. Italy is blessed with a beautiful coastline and houses some of the prettiest villages and towns in the world. You will find five of those villages in Cinque Terre which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

3. Budapest, Hungary

Divided by the Danube river, the city is divided into the Buda district which is at a higher altitude and Pest which is towards the bottom. If you are a water baby then nothing will beat going on a stroll along the Danube river with your loved one while you sip on some hot chocolate.

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4. Santorini, Crete, Mykonos In Greece

Everyone knows that Greece is one of the dreamiest places in the world. With its blue waters and sandy beaches, it is truly a unique destination. Although all of the islands are equally gorgeous, Santorini is the most-frequented one. But if you want to enjoy the company of your loved one in a more intimate setting then Crete is absolutely perfect! And if you are a big fan of mythology then you’ll be happy to know that is Crete is the birthplace of Zeus.

Best European Honeymoon Destinations
Image credits: Matt Barrett’s Greece Travel Guide

5. Monaco

Monaco happens to be the place where Grace Kelly fell in love with the Prince Rainier II of Monaco. The place is practically set for newlyweds with its all-around romantic atmosphere. It also plays host to the Monaco Grand Prix. So, your man and you get your share of adventure and romance at the same time.

Best European Honeymoon Destinations

6. Istanbul, Turkey

What makes Istanbul extremely special is that part of it is in the European continent and the other is in Asia. Separated by the Bosphorous Strait, the city is absolutely wondrous. Popularly known for its souks and bazaars, you will love getting lost in the bylanes of the city. Get the best of both the east and the west in this beautiful city.

Best European Honeymoon Destinations

7. Bruges, Belgium

Known for its wide canals and ancient buildings, Bruges is one unique town right in the north of Belgium. It also happens to have one of the most important ports in Europe. Every frame here is a picture. So, you can spam people on Instagram with pictures and they won’t even complain about it.

8. Lisbon, Algarve, Madeira In Portugal

Home to one of the best footballers in the world, Portugal has a lot to offer. Right from the capital city of Lisbon which is located along the coast to Algarve which is known for its fishing villages. An autonomous region of Portugal, Madeira shares its name with the spirit, Madeira wine. And just like it’s namesake, it is refreshing. It boasts of a warm climate and is a great place to go to right after a hectic few days of getting married. Bonus: You get to put on your bikini! The best part about Madeira is that it has a varied landscape. So, you get everything from hills, beaches and more.

9. Salzburg, Austria

The best thing about Salzburg has to be the gorgeous view of the Alps that you get from here. Divided by the Salzach river, the city is divided into the Old City and the New City. The architecture on both sides is mystical and you are bound to get lost in its beauty.

Best European Honeymoon Destinations

10. Hvar & Dubrovnik In Croatia

Croatia is quickly turning into one of the prime tourist destinations in the world. Once quite the underrated place to visit, the country’s tourism has got a major boost after scenes of Game of Thrones were shot here. With its rugged landscape and azure blue waters, it will be love at first sight. Dubrovnik’s stone buildings will serve as an instant reminder of the most intense battle scenes from Game Of Thrones. The final season may have disappointed you, but Croatia won’t.

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11. Prague, Czech Republic

One of the cheapest places in Europe, if you are on a tight budget and still want to visit Europe then this is your best bet. Prague has the biggest town square in Europe and the architecture here is spell-binding.

12. Lucerne, Switzerland

You can’t come to Switzerland and not fall in love. Everything about this country is beautiful. I mean, they shot Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayyenge here. And that movie was a sleeper hit. Let’s be honest while watching the movie we not only fell in love with Kajol and SRK but also the beautiful locales of Switzerland. So, what better place to commemorate your love?

13. Giethoorn & Amsterdam, Netherland

Amsterdam has a notorious reputation when it comes to tourists. But the city behind the infamous facade is one of the prettiest places you will ever worst. From poffertjes (mini pancakes) at every corner and an infectious atmosphere, one visit won’t be enough for you. But if you want a break from the city, then you need to hit down to Giethoorn. Known as the Venice of the North, this tiny town is straight out of a fairytale. There are no roads here and just canals. Even the police patrol the town via canals!