5 Best Fish Preparations To Try In Kolkata This Festive Season

by Shreya Ghosh
5 Best Fish Preparations To Try In Kolkata This Festive Season

Bengalis and fish preparations are kind of synonymous with each other. And with the Durga Puja celebrations, we are going to gorge on so many different recipes from a variety of fishes. The list of these preparations is endless and anyone may feel confused thinking about what to order. Well, we are here to sort out that for you. While in Kolkata, you need to try these dishes for sure.

Do Not Miss Out On These Fish Preparations In Kolkata On This Festive Season!

1. Fish Kabiraji

Kabiraji is a very distinct cutlet made in a unique procedure. Unlike any other fish preparations, the process of making a fish kabiraji will surprise you. The outer layering is the most charming part of this dish and to obtain that, you need to practice a lot. The trick is to dip your fingertips into an egg batter and then swing your hand on a pan to get that crispy flaky coating. But who will work so hard, especially during Durga Puja? Dig into the best fish kabiraji in Kolkata in Mitra Cafe. Also, you will find plenty of food stalls in the lanes and streets of Kolkata serving this dish.

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2. Fish Fry

You will find tons of recipes for Fish Fry while searching online. But the Kolkata special fish fry is always different. It is a staple starter served in Bengali functions. The crispy preparation with a soft piece of fish and delicious coating tastes simply out of the box. This is one of the most popular and enjoyed street food fish preparations and to try the best of it, Mitra Cafe is your ultimate destination.

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3. Bhetki Paturi

Fishes cooked in a banana leaf are a magical experience to witness and the fish preparations taste absolutely out of the world. Bhetki Paturi holds a very special corner in every Bengali’s heart. And if you also give it a try, we are sure you will become a fan. Also, if you are tired of eating fish with bones, Bhetki Paturi will rescue you from this problem. Cubes of this fish are marinated with a mixture of mustard paste, chili, mustard oil, salt, and turmeric and wrapped in a banana leaf, and then left to cook for some time. The result of this preparation is simply surreal and loved by everyone. To enjoy the best of this bhetki preparation in Kolkata, you need to visit Bhojohori Manna and Tero Parbon.

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4. Daab Chingri

There are some dishes that we fall in love with for their looks and Daab Chingri is one of them. A massive king prawn stuffed inside a tender coconut cooked in a spicy gravy looks so beautiful and tastes heavenly. There are tons of fish preparations made with chingri (prawns) and it is very difficult for Bengalis to choose one. You can even give Chingri Malai Curry a try. We are sure you will love it! Bhojohori Manna and 6 Ballygunge Place are the biggest names in the City of Joy for delicious daab chingri.

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5. Shorshe Ilish

It is clearly impossible to curate a listicle of the best fish preparations without including an Ilish special in it. If you are confused to choose the best ilish preparation, always remember ‘Sorshe Ilish for the win’. The strong aroma of yellow mustard is enough to paint your hands, plate, and the place yellow. Try out this preparation with gorom gorom vaat (steam rice) and green chili and you will fall in love with it. Saptapadi, Koshe Kosha, and Oh! Calcutta are some of the great places to gorge on Shorshe Ilish.

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I am definitely feeling very hungry now and need to gorge on some fish to satiate my cravings. When are you trying out these recipes?

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