6 Best Places To Devour Delicious Fish Fry In Kolkata You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Fish Fry Kolkata
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 988

If you’re a non-vegeterian, your trip to Kolkata will remain incomplete without trying out its iconic fish fry. The crispy, brown snack tastes heavenly with mustard sauce ( kasundi) and ketchup and it will have you licking your fingers. The best part is, it mostly comes at highly pocket-friendly rates, Fish fry is a popular item served in food stalls of all the fairs of the city. A large number of street-side stalls, as well as swanky restaurants, serve this mouth-watering dish. The most amazing fish fries are served in some of the most modest-looking eateries.  Here are 6 of them:

1. Mitra Cafe, Sobhabazar

Mitra Cafe is one of the historic food joints in old Kolkata that dates back to the 1920s. It serves authentic and delicious Mutton Chop, Brain Chop, Mughlai, Mutton Cullet and of course, Fish Fry. Several branches of Mitra Cafe are opened up in the city now. But the little, original eatery in Sovabazar holds its value to date. Fish fry comes at only ₹99/piece here.

Fish Fry Kolkata

Picture Credits: Zomato/Mitra Cafe

2. Chittoda’s Suruchee Restaurant, Esplanade

This is another not-very-adorned food stall in Kolkata and its fish fry has a different fan base. The restaurant serves absolutely scrumptious dishes in good quantities at prices that do not at all hurt the pocket. It serves pakoras, cutlets, chowmein, rezalas and more. And the drool-worthy fish fry here comes at a price as low as ₹75/piece.

Fish Fry Kolkata

Picture Credits: Zomato/Chittoda’s Suruchee Restaurant

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3. Shankar Cabin, Golpark

This good old fries shop looks as simple as it can be. Despite its location in one of the posh neighbourhoods of South Kolkata, it is visited by many, thanks to its quality food. The smell of the fries has a nostalgic charm that can lure every die-hard foodie. A piece of fish fry comes at ₹60/piece here. The Bengali Daab Chingri Is Kolkata’s Best-Selling Dish & Here’s Where To Try It

Fish Fry Kolkata

Picture Credits: Zomato/Shankar Cabin

4. 6 Ballygunge Place Thali, Kasba

If you want to enjoy fish fry in a well-decked, air-conditioned space, you can head over here. It is one of the affordable Bengali restaurants to try authentic Bengali thalis like Bhetki Thali, Ilish Thali, Chingrir Malai Thali, Loochi Thali, Chicken Thali and Mutton Thali. You can also try special Nolungur ice-cream at this eatery. A piece of fish fry with kasundi comes at ₹155 here.

Fish Fry Kolkata

Picture Credits: Zomato/6 Ballygunge Place Thali

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5.  Naba Malancha, Hati Bagan

The small food stall is quite unfussy in appearance but it makes snacks that are utterly lavish to the taste buds. It gets a lot of student crowd as it is located near some of the popular colleges in North Kolkata. Also, Hati Bagan is one of the most prominent lanes in Kolkata for street shoppers. The food corner is popular among them too.  Fish fry comes at only ₹65/piece here. Top 8 Street Foods In Kolkata To Die For

Fish Fry Kolkata

Picture Credits: Zomato/Naba Malancha

6. Kalika, College Street

The next time you go to hoard some books from College Street, pay a visit to this grub corner. It’s a few minutes walk from the book market and serves snacks like Fish Roll, Fish Finger, Chicken Cutlet and Chicken Finger. And as locals say, it makes the best Bhetki Fish Fry in Kolkata that comes at only ₹50/piece.

Picture Credits: Zomato/Kalika

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