12 Best Resorts In Vagamon, Kerala For A Dreamy Stay In The Lush Green Tea Estates

Choose from a range of resorts embracing Kerala's natural beauty and embark on an unforgettable retreat!

by Shreya Ghosh
12 Best Resorts In Vagamon, Kerala For A Dreamy Stay In The Lush Green Tea Estates

It is always a great idea to spend some days in serenity in God’s own country, Kerala. This destination welcomes guests throughout the year and opens a gate for them to stay closer to nature with great experiences to offer. Vagamon is a serene village in Kerala, surrounded by lush greenery and the most picturesque views. Seeing the tea estates here is a surreal experience. When in Vagamon, you need to check out these resorts for a fun getaway.

Best Resorts To Stay In Vagamon

1. Le Collines Resort


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Wake up to undisturbed views of meadows and tea estates surrounding you at Le Collines Resort. This property offers luxurious rooms equipped with all the necessary amenities. If you are in the mood to relish traditional Indian cuisine, this is an amazing place.

Where: MWG3+3XP Masco Tea Factory, Road, Vagamon, Kerala
Check-in time: 2 pm
Cost: starting at ₹3286++/night

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2. Mountain Villa Vagamon


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Mountain Villa Vagamon is a stunning property standing on a huge property with five acres of forest. Surrounded by greenery all around, spend a serene holiday at this Vagamon property with a weak mobile network to disturb your stay with social media and the reel world. Staying here is like taking the biggest step to stay on nature’s lap and enjoy harmony.

Where: near Kurusumala Ashram, Nadunokki, Vazhikkadavu
Check-in time: 2 pm
Cost: starting at ₹7210++/night

3. Tabor Hills Resort

Tabor Hills Resort in Vagamon is a beautiful stay surrounded by the most enchanting views of fog, meadows, tea estates, and waterfalls. This environment-friendly property is perfect for enjoying an amazing holiday while enjoying nature in its greenest form.

Where: Kurishumala, Vazhikadavu Asramam Road, Vagamon, Kerala
Check-in time: 24 hours
Cost: starting at ₹4500++/night

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4. Vaga Copper Castle

Vaga Copper Castle
Photo Credits: Booking.com/Website

Vaga Copper Castle is a 5-star property in Vagamon featuring picturesque landscapes of verdant greenery. Nestled about 0.6 km away from Mundakayam Ghat, the stay is close to the bus station, city centre, and Thangalpara.

Where: P.O, No.3, Lake Road, opp. chinnus hotel, Vagamon, Kerala
Check-in time: 1 pm
Cost: starting at ₹2500++/night

5. Willow House

Willow House
Photo Credits: Willow House/Website

Staying at Willow House is a beautiful experience with cottages and premium room facilities. This is the perfect escape from daily hustles and lets you unwind in nature’s purest form.

Where: Vazhikkadavu, near Forest Check Post, Vagamon, Kerala
Check-in time: 12 pm
Cost: starting at ₹5000++/night

6. Palette Hill View Resort

Palette Hill View Resort
Photo Credits: Palette Hill View Resort/Website

Nestled amidst the stunning Vagamon meadows, Palette Hill View Resort is an oasis for nature enthusiasts. The allure of this eco-friendly haven lies not just in its picturesque location but also in the plethora of activities it offers. From being situated opposite the breathtaking Moon Mala, an ideal hiking spot, to providing adventurous experiences like trekking and cycling through the tea plantations and meadows, the resort ensures an immersive connection with nature. Its focus on serenity and adventure creates an atmosphere where families and friends can forge unforgettable memories. The encouragement for guests to engage in outdoor activities like cycling, trekking, and exploring nearby attractions like Uluppuni showcases the resort’s dedication to providing a holistic and adventurous experience.

Where: Opp. Moon Mala Tharayanganam Stop, P.O, Vagamon, Kerala
Check-in time: 1 pm
Cost: starting at ₹4000++/night

7. Foggy Knolls Resort

Positioned on the higher slopes of the Western Ghats, Foggy Knolls Resort embraces an ambiance of mystique and luxury. Its ‘Cave Rooms,’ carved into a massive boulder, stand as a testament to its unique accommodation offerings. These grottos exude opulence while maintaining a connection with nature, offering guests a one-of-a-kind stay. The resort’s focus on the scenic beauty of forested mountain slopes and the tranquillity of the valley below ensures a serene retreat for those seeking solace in nature. With a multi-cuisine restaurant boasting stunning valley views, guests can savour delicious meals while soaking up the breathtaking surroundings.

Where: near Forest Check Post, Vazhikkadavu, Vagamon, Kerala
Check-in time: 2 pm
Cost: starting at ₹6271++/night

8. Orange Valley Hills Resort

Orange Valley Hills Resort welcomes guests to immerse themselves in the lush greenery of Vagamon meadows. Its emphasis on catering to guests’ preferences is evident through the variety of activities it provides. From trekking and camping to offering an extensive food menu comprising Continental, Chinese, and Indian cuisines, the resort aims to please every palate. Its promise of providing a serene environment coupled with adventurous experiences showcases a commitment to offering a well-rounded stay.

Where: Near Thangal Para, Kolahala Medu, Vagamon, Kerala
Check-in time: 2 pm
Cost: starting at ₹6000++/night

9. Vagamon Hill Chimes

Vagamon Hill Chimes
Photo Credits: Booking.com/Website

This resort prioritises comfort and convenience for its guests. With rooms boasting views of the lake or the mountains, Vagamon Hill Chimes aims to provide a relaxing and scenic stay. The presence of a restaurant and a 24-hour front desk service ensures that guests’ needs are promptly attended to. Its focus on providing a comfortable stay with picturesque views makes it an appealing choice for those seeking a tranquil retreat.

Where: Vazhikkadavu, Vagamon, Kerala
Check-in time: 12 pm
Cost: starting at ₹2250++/night

10. D’Heavenly Mist Resorts

Situated amidst the enchanting Vagamon hills, D’Heavenly Mist Resorts embodies the spirit of God’s Own Country, offering guests a perfect blend of leisure, business, and rejuvenation. The resort’s emphasis on a variety of accommodations, including luxurious villas and a treehouse, caters to diverse preferences. Its amenities, such as swimming pools, conference halls, and live barbeque spaces, ensure that guests can indulge in both relaxation and adventure, making it an ideal destination for a holistic experience.

Where: Wagamon Elapppara Between kuttikkanam & Elappara memala madammakkulam route, Kerala
Cost: starting at ₹10,000++

11. Winter Vale Resorts

Spread across 20 acres of lush greenery, Winter Vale Resorts is an eco-friendly haven, providing a serene escape into nature. Its accommodation choices, including traditional Kerala-style homes, promise a unique and immersive experience. The resort’s emphasis on tranquillity and an array of facilities for guests, combined with its dedication to sustainability, appeal to those seeking a harmonious stay amidst nature’s embrace.

Where: Kurisumala Ashram, Winter Vale Road, Junction, Vazhikkadavu, Vagamon, Kerala
Check-in time: 2 pm
Cost: starting at ₹3300++/night

12. The Grasmere

Named after the birthplace of William Wordsworth, The Grasmere is a tribute to the love of nature. With a range of amenities, such as a multi-cuisine restaurant, swimming pool, conference hall, and spa, it caters to various needs while remaining deeply connected to nature. The resort’s commitment to providing rebirth and vitality through panoramic views, green meadows, and the rich flora and fauna of the region encapsulates its essence as a haven for nature lovers.

Where: Mathaipara P.O Kuvaleyattam, Vagamon
Check-in time: 12 pm
Cost: starting at ₹2822++/night

The next time you are in Vagamon, make sure to check out these stunning properties.

Cover Image Courtesy: Winter Vale/Website and The Grasmere/Website

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