Best Tourism Village Competition Is On In India And PM Modi Urges All To Take Part In It!

by Mallika Khurana
Best Tourism Village Competition Is On In India And PM Modi Urges All To Take Part In It!

 With the overarching objective of making tourism one of the drivers of positive change, rural development, and community well-being, the Best Tourism Villages Competition has been introduced in India. The competition strives to acknowledge a village that skillfully illustrates a rural tourism destination with celebrated artistic and natural aids, preserves and encourages community-based significances, interests, and lifestyles. The aim is to promote a village that has a clear obligation to sustainability in all of its facets- monetary, social, and environmental.

PM Modi Urges Everyone To Participate

The Best Tourism Village Competition is open to all citizens, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi has specifically encouraged youth participation. The Prime Minister requested that they highlight the nation’s enormous tourism potential in a tweet on Tuesday. The primary objective of this competition is to recognise and honour communities that uphold and advance their unique art, culture, and way of life.

It will also assess a number of other factors, such as infrastructure and connectivity. Factors like health and security, and economic, environmental, and social sustainability will also be promoted. The competition will be managed at the district, state, and national levels.

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A Website Was Launched To Promote Rural Tourism

The Centre unveiled a nationwide contest on Thursday to determine the best tourist destination.  A new website was also launched to promote rural travel.

Ajay Bhatt, the state minister for culture and defence, attended the lunch. G Kishan Reddy, the union minister for culture and tourism, was also in attendance. The tourism ministry’s “Best Tourism Village Competition” will have three rounds, with entries being accepted at the district, state, and national levels in between, according to officials.

According to them, the evaluation standards have been adjusted to reflect the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In conjunction with this event, a brand-new website was launched to promote rural travel in India.

Earlier this year, Reddy also unveiled the website for the inaugural Global Tourism Investors Summit. It will be held at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi.

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