Betel Leaves To Items Used In Black Magic; These Things In Your Luggage Can Land You In Trouble

by Anupriya Mishra
Betel Leaves To Items Used In Black Magic; These Things In Your Luggage Can Land You In Trouble

With there being so many exciting offerings in the UAE, airports in the nation are certainly witnessing many travellers. Did you know that there is an extensive list of things that people or not allowed to carry in their luggage or carry in small quantities? As there is an unprecedented rate of travellers, including both residents and foreign citizens coming into the country, it is pertinent to keep in mind, the list of things that are not allowed to be carried.

List Of Banned Things In Luggage

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In case you’re wondering, in a report by Khaleej Times, the following items were revealed to be prohibited.

  • You are not allowed to carry frozen, poultry, or birds.
  • Betel leaves also known as paan are banned.
  • You cannot carry counterfeit or pirated goods and content.
  • Indecent and obscene materials are also banned.
  • It’s prohibited to carry controlled or recreational drugs and narcotic substances.
  • You must not carry gambling tools and machines or counterfeit currency.
  • Items that are used in witchcraft, sorcery, or even black magic are banned.
  • Any publication or artwork with challenges or contradicts Islamic teachings and values or prohibited.

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What About The Things That Are Allowed In Limited Quantities?

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In case you’re wondering about all the things that are allowed to be carried in restricted quantities or ones that may require prior approval in Dubai include the following.

  • Drugs, medicine, or medical equipment
  • Media publications
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Wireless and transmission devices.
  • Cosmetics or personal care products for exhibitions
  • Animals, plants, and fertilisers
  • E-cigarettes or electronic hukkah

Since the aforementioned things can be carried after taking prior permission or in limited quantity, there is a list of items that are also exempted from customs duties and is allowed to be carried. These include –

  • 50 cigars and 400 cigarettes
  • 500 g of tobacco in all forms
  • Gifts with values not exceeding AED3000
  • Passengers of 18 years and above, will have to declare cash or cheques, payment orders, precious metals or stones, or promissory notes with values not exceeding AED60,000 or an equivalent amount in any foreign currency.
  • For passengers under the age of 18, the amount in their possession will be added to the permitted limit of their guardian or parent.
  • Alcoholic beverages that do not exceed 4 L or two cartons of beer, with each can, not exceeding 355ML.

There are, however, many conditions in place or such exemptions. For instance, a passenger must not be a crew member and the baggage and gifts should be of a personal nature, not for commercial purposes. Moreover, these passengers should not be frequent visitors at the same custom centres or someone who trades in items that are in their possession.

So, make sure to keep these banned things in luggage in mind before packing your bags for your impending travel plans to UAE.

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