Bhangra Workout At MAD Dubai

by Dhruv Maniar
Bhangra Workout At MAD Dubai
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The best kind of workout? Bhangra workout! Pure Bhangra group organizes Bhangra workout sessions to burn out the excess fat while having fun!

What Is It?

Balle Balle this is your guide to get fit. Bhangra refers to a traditional dance from the Indian subcontinent originating in the Majha area of the Punjab region. The dance is generally performed during the Vaisakhi festival that celebrates the harvest. Bhangra has a very energetic and lively tone and the dance is equally vivacious. It is said that a 45-minute routine like this can burn up to 500 calories. Bhangra workout is the new trending way to to get you into shape & keep you active! Pure Bhangra organizes a workout session once a month on a Friday for a complete Bhangra workout routine at the MAD institute in Bur Dubai. Now you don’t have to spend boring endless hours on the treadmill to get your cardio sorted for that day because this concept is interesting and fresh! Bhangra is known to be a fun dance form, but with the workout, you can burn those extra calories while you’re enjoying yourself. The workout costs AED 75+VAT however if you register prior to the event day you can avail it for AED 55+ VAT. The bhangra workout also teaches you small one-minute dance routines so you can show em off when you like. 

What’s In It?

Call all your dance and fitness freaks to take a class at the MAD institute in Bur Dubai. Dance to the latest Bhangra tunes and sweat it out too! The sessions are held once a month on a Friday in Dubai and Saturday in Abu Dhabi from 1 to 3 pm, supervised by experts. This Bhangra cardio is effective and mainly, the most fun way to workout!


Where: MAD Dance Studio, Centerpoint Mall, Near Burjuman – Dubai
Phone: 055 107 3999
Timing: 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Approx cost: AED 75 +Vat
AED 55 (Early Bird)