Bhopal Communities Make A Bizarre Decision To Ban Pre-Wedding Shoots

Weddings in India are always a grand affair. It’s true that we don’t really understand the meaning of keeping things ‘low-key’. Akin to festivals, even the smallest of weddings have at least 100 people in attendance. And in recent times, weddings have become an even bigger deal. With hashtags and lavish pre-wedding shoots, weddings in India can’t not involve ‘taam-jhaam’. But in Bhopal, the Jain, Gujarati and Sindhi communities are having none of this. They are so against this, in fact, that they have gone ahead and banned pre-wedding shoots and choreographers at weddings.

Pre-wedding shoot banned

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Why The Ban On Pre-Wedding Shoots In Bhopal?

If you are a Gujarati, Sindhi or Jain In Bhopal whose wedding day is inching closer and closer then you might want to rethink some of the elements of it. What’s a wedding without a sangeet to remember, right? But if it’s up to the panchayats in Bhopal then your sangeet will be quite forgettable because it won’t even take place. According to the community panchayats, events of these sorts aren’t in line with their traditions.

Pre-wedding shoots banned

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Effective immediately, the community panchayats of the Gujarati, Sindhi and Jain community won’t allow the photography or videography of the above events. Sanjay Patel who identified himself as the president of the Bhopal Gujarat community said that the community had released a circular. The content of the circular says that pre-wedding photo and video-shoots and entry of male choreographers in ladies sangeet during and before weddings will henceforth be banned.

“We have passed a resolution banning pre-wedding video and photo-shoots and the same would be communicated to the community through a circular which is being drafted,” is what Bhagwan Das Israni, president of the Bhopal Sindhi community had to say.

Now we know that weddings can be kind of OTT but banning these events sounds a bit harsh even to us. We don’t really see a point in this being such a huge issue. Well, until then we are going to head to Delhi and fest at this restaurant that serves wedding food in exchange of sagan.

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