Bhopal University Introduces A Course On ‘Adarsh Bahu’

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Bhopal University Introduces A Course On ‘Adarsh Bahu’

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Bhopal University is introducing a certificate course on ‘Adarsh Bahu‘ for three months.

What Is It?

The Barkatullah University in Bhopal has been planning to launch a short-term certificate course to prepare an ‘Adarsh Bahu‘, the three-month course will be launched in the next academic session.

The objective of this course is to prepare girls in advance so that they can adjust to the foreign surroundings after their marriage.

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What’s In It?

Vice-chancellor, Prof D C Gupta explained the objective as to make girls aware so that they can adjust to the new environment after marriage and he feels that as a university, they have responsibilities towards the society and not just limited to the academics. According to him, the objective is to prepare such brides who will keep families intact.

The course will begin in the departments of psychology, sociology, and women’s studies as a pilot project. It is an effort to bring a positive change in the society and the girls will be taught about the dynamics of families.

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30 students will be admitted in the first batch and the course will be introduced in the next academic session.


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