Bid Adieu To Ashvem Stays For A While; Govt Temporarily Shuts Down 30 Beach Resorts

by Tooba Shaikh
Bid Adieu To Ashvem Stays For A While; Govt Temporarily Shuts Down 30 Beach Resorts

Goa is the party capital of the country and for good reason. Ashvem Beach in Goa is probably the most famous for its parties. People travel from far and wide in order to attend these raves. However, there are certain others, too, who travel from far and wide to Ashvem Beach, but not to party. These are the Olive Ridley turtles that migrate to Ashvem and Morjim beaches in Goa to lay their eggs. The government recently directed 30 Ashvem beach resorts to temporarily shut and here is why.

Govt Temporarily Shuts 30 Ashvem Beach Resorts

Ashvem Beach is known for its wild trans parties that people absolutely love. However, the beach is in close proximity to a nesting site of Olive Ridley Turtles. Officials have noted that the loud music and flashy lights used in these wild parties are disturbing the turtles and preventing them from laying eggs.

Herald Goa reported that according to officials, in the last 45 days, around 35 turtles have laid close to 2,900 eggs at Morjim and Ashvem beaches. However, of these 35 turtles, only seven laid their eggs at Ashvem.

The reason is that loud music and flashing lights that are commonly used in such parties are disturbing the nesting habitat of the turtles and are preventing them from laying eggs as usual. In order to remedy this situation, the government has temporarily closed down around 30 beach resorts. 

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Beach Resort Ignores HC’s Directives

Earlier this month, the High Court of Bombay at Goa issued a directive to Ukiyo Beach Resort located at Ashvem Beach prohibiting them from conducting parties with loud music for a while in order to make the ecosystem ideal for laying eggs for the Olive Ridley Turtles.

However, it seems that the resort paid no heed to the directive and continued to conduct loud parties at night. These night parties at Ashvem went on for four days. The Forest Department of Morjim has issued a show cause notice to Ukiyo for flouting CRZ norms.

So far, we know Palm Beach Resort is one of the 30 beach resorts that have been temporarily shut down. In addition to this, a restaurant called Nimbu has also been temporarily closed.

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