Bill Gates Cooks Rotis With American Chef Eitan and Eats It With Ghee

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Bill Gates Cooks Rotis With American Chef Eitan and Eats It With Ghee

American business magnate, author, inventor, and philanthropist Bill Gates showed us his Indian avatar recently. No, he neither tried on any Indian attire nor posted pictures in them. He did something better than that. Eitan Bernath, an American chef, invited Bill Gates to try making Indian rotis, and the latter did a pretty good job at it. A video featuring the two has been posted on the internet, and netizens are loving it. 

Bill Gates Cooks Rotis With Eitan

American celebrity chef Eitan Bernath, who is also an entertainer, social media influencer, author, TV personality, and entrepreneur, went on a trip to Bihar, India. Bill Gates’s Instagram video begins with chef Eitan Bernath introducing the billionaire tech and discussing the dish the two were about to prepare. Bill Gates then begins cooking the roti from scratch as Eitan helps him with the ingredients. 

As the billionaire was mixing the dough, the chef asked him about the last time he had been to the kitchen to cook. To this, Bill Gates facetiously said that if heating up soup counts as cooking, he does that regularly. The chef then begins rolling the dough into round rotis and teaches Bill the trick he learned back in Bihar, sharing his experience about visiting a wheat farm. 

The video then moves on to show how the chef introduces Bill to traditional Indian tawa and then teaches him to make them. The two then eat their rotis in traditional Indian fashion, brushing ghee on them.


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Netizens Loved The Billionaire’s Desi Style

The video, which featured Bill Gates and Chef Ethan, quickly went viral after it was shared on the internet. The video has far garnered about 723k views and is increasing. People loved the video so much that it has so far received 51.2K likes and many comments. People in the comments section praised Bill Gates and Chef Eitan for trying India’s favourite roti and doing it justice. One person asked Bill to hire him because he knew how to make rotis perfectly. 

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Pic credits: @billgates/Instagram

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