Billionaire Mukesh Ambani Buys A Lavish Mansion Worth $163 Million In Dubai

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Billionaire Mukesh Ambani Buys A Lavish Mansion Worth $163 Million In Dubai

Who has never dreamt of buying a lavish mansion in Dubai? We all have, right? Well, while we are dreaming about it, billionaire Mukesh Ambani bought it. India’s second richest man bought a beautiful beach-side villa at Palm Jumeirah. With this purchase, he not only added another property to his Dubai property empire but also broke his prior record. Curious to know more? Read on.

Mukesh Ambani Buys New Property In Dubai

The record of the city’s most expensive residential real estate deal has been broken by Mukesh Ambani after buying this new mansion. Interestingly, the prior record for the same was his own. The mansion was bought at $163 million, last week. The lavish mansion was bought from the family of Kuwaiti tycoon Mohammed Alshaya. A property deal worth $163 million in Palm Jumeirah was reported earlier this week by the Dubai Land Department. Earlier this year, he had bought a house worth $80 million. Starbucks, H&M, and Victoria’s Secret have local franchises owned by Alshaya’s company. And Ambani is the chairman of India’s largest company as per market value, Reliance Industries Limited.

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The Mansion Has The Best Amenities

The mansion bought by Mukesh Ambani is reported to be two-storeyed and also has private beach access which is 70 metres long. It is located on the northern side of Palm Jumeirah and offers the best amenities. The 3,000 sq foot mansion will be soon renovated and Italian marble with modern masterpieces will be used for the same. The beachfront villa has 10 rooms, an exclusive spa and swimming pools both indoor and outdoor. Dubai has been successful in roping in some of the wealthiest names to buy properties in the city. The United Arab Emirates has over 80% of foreign residents. Indians have always been the top rankers when it comes to buying properties in Dubai.


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