5 Most Colourful Streets In The United Arab Emirates

by Deeplata Garde
5 Most Colourful Streets In The United Arab Emirates

It’s always joyful to watch multicolour spaces around you. Some pop of colour can change moods. UAE is famous for everything grand, fancy and opulent. Be it the high rising buildings or stunning beaches. And while it’s known for everything sparkly and fine, UAE also has some colourful streets that are vibrant. So if you love colours or want to up your gram game, check these places five places out right away.

5 Most Colourful Streets In UAE

1. Dubai Design District

This area’s name literally means design,’ so you know you’ll discover some creative walls with unique designs if you are there. This area brims with unique creations such as live installations and street murals. Check out the fun photo opportunities available at d3. The Iraqi British artist has been adorning walls with his artistic abilities and distinctive smiling clouds. Through their beautifully designed locations and unique community offers, they encourage innovative ideas to build a world of unlimited possibilities.


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2. La Mer

Dubai’s LaMer Beach is a delightful stopover. There’s a commercial area that’s open to the elements, with street art strewn about. You’ll find artistic interpretations on the buildings, and around corners. Look up and you will find it high above your head in between stores and cafes.

The entire region of La Mer is quite littered with multicoloured walls, which contributes to its fashionable vibe. So anticipate finding some of Dubai’s best graffiti art around every corner.

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3. Al Karama

Aside from the economical rental properties in Karama, this neighbourhood has something unique to offer. the talent of a group of dedicated artists who have converted this neighbourhood into a vibrant sector. They serve as the ideal backdrop for the ‘Rediscovering Karama’ project. The rich colours on the historic buildings provide a pleasing visual experience as well as an excellent photographic opportunity.

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4. Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi

Eduardo Kobra, a Brazilian artist, has painted a spectacular new painting at Marsa Al Bateen that honours diversity, tolerance, and respect. The street is an amalgamation of multicoloured paintings adorning the surrounding walls. The bold public artwork depicts the faces of individuals of all nations and backgrounds in front of a kaleidoscope theme of brilliant colours and shapes.

This is the first of a series of public artworks planned for the city by local and international artists over the next few years.

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5. City Walk

City Walk is the next stop for all the hot areas in Dubai with a colourful street filled with art. This is the spot where you’ve undoubtedly seen the popular “I love DXB” graffiti art on your Instagram feed. So, if you want to take a picture with this well-known figure, simply go to City Walk. You’ll also find a slew of other multicoloured statement pieces. It includes murals painted by big names in the street art world like Ron English, Lady Aiko from Japan, and others.

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