Try Fire Pani Puri In UAE For AED4 Only!

by Yogita Chainani
Try Fire Pani Puri In UAE For AED4 Only!

Pani Puri, a tangy and sweet Indian chaat dish, is a hit in Dubai. Be it for flavoursome flavours or its reasonable price, we all love to eat Pani puri every now and then. And if you are a fan of Pani Puri and want to experiment then you should definitely hit Shai Rukn, Khorfakkan to try this Fire Pani Puri.

Fire Pani Puri For Just AED 4

The vendor chose to ignite the dish and serve it burning into the customer’s mouth. The usual practice surrounds simply serving crunchy snacks drenched with acidic water. Camphor is the additive to the panipuri stuffing that helps to make it ‘Lit’, giving it a spicy touch. The snack is currently being contrasted with the fire paan, which is already well-known throughout the nation. The location to find this dish is Shai Rukn, Khorfakkan.

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Patiala House Is Serving Unlimited Pani Puris Daily For AED 15

Patiala House, an Indian food joint in Dubai’s arty Al Karama district, is offering unlimited pani puri for AED 15 only. Yep, you read that right! You can have 10, 20, or even 30 pani puris and pay AED 15 for it. They have both wheat and suji base, so you can at least save some calories there while you enjoy pani puris with your gang.

Patiala house has rustic Dhaba inspired interiors and Indian chaat, and various other dishes. And if you are bored of the same old traditional pani puri, then Bol Gappa, the Bollywood-inspired restaurant in Karama, now has a chocolate-coated Pani Puri, and we are in love with it.

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Binge On Chocolate Coated Pani Puris For Just AED 19

The restaurant coats the puris in layers of chocolate and then stuffs it with chunks of brownies. The puri, is then served with a special sweet syrup, prepared in house using traditional dessert recipes. Now, that certainly drools worthy, right?

Priced at AED 19, one portion comes with six shots of chocolate pani puri. The dessert satiates people with a sweet tooth and a special love for chocolate. So for the love of Pani puri, you have to check out these places right away.