Bird Hit Dubai-Bound IndiGo Flight; Aircraft Stalled At Mangaluru International Airport With 160 Passengers

by Deeplata Garde
Bird Hit Dubai-Bound IndiGo Flight; Aircraft Stalled At Mangaluru International Airport With 160 Passengers

What’s the most fearful thing while taking a flight? Well, the most obvious answer is crash! But we have unlocked one more fear recently: getting our aircraft hit by a bird. Oh boy! A recent bird-hit incident made a plane stall at the Mangaluru International Airport. Dubai-bound IndiGo flight 6E 1467 (A320) was supposed to depart by 8.25 am on 25th May.

Dubai-Mangaluru Flight Returns To The Apron After Bird-Hit Incident

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IndiGo Flight 6E 1467 (A320) was aborted after the bird-hit incident in the wee hours of 25th May 2023. At 8.30 a.m., after notifying ATC, the pilot arrived back at the apron. A complete engineering assessment would take place while the aircraft was declared “aircraft on the ground” after the 160 passengers had disembarked. Later, another IndiGo plane that had just landed in Bengaluru accommodated the passengers. At 11.05 a.m., the flight to Dubai was rescheduled. The 165 passengers who were supposed to board flight 6E 5347 which was scheduled to depart at 9.10 a.m. for Bengaluru have been given alternate transportation options by IndiGo.

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Twitter User Complaints About The Reckless Behaviour Of IndiGo

As people were struggling with a delayed schedule caused by this incident there was one user from Twitter who had his grandparents travelling from the same flight. He took to Twitter to complain about the non-helpful nature of IndiGo especially for the senior citizens. Sanjal Shastri twitted his complaint. On the 25th @IndiGo6E put his grandparents through a terrifying ordeal. Once everyone had passed through security and was waiting at the boarding gate, their flight to Bangalore (6E5347) was abruptly cancelled. In actuality, a bird struck the aeroplane on a journey from Mangalore to Dubai, diverting it from its intended route to Bangalore to Dubai.

It appears that @IndiGo6E decided it would be cheaper to cancel a domestic flight. He got a call from his grandma at 9 am informing him that the flight had been cancelled. She claimed they were in the dark and she had no idea what to do next. At this point, he notices that there is an email in his inbox. The flight cancellation email read the time 9.03 am whereas the flight was cancelled 7 mins ago. It took mins to get through to the authorities. His entire experience with IndiGo was so disappointing.

Have you ever experienced such hard times with any airlines?

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