Bird Watchers, Put Nagaland’s Ghosu Bird Sanctuary On Your September Travel List!

by Curly Tales Desk
Bird Watchers, Put Nagaland’s Ghosu Bird Sanctuary On Your September Travel List!

If you are always intrigued by birds then this sanctuary in Nagaland is the perfect place for you. Ghosu Bird Sanctuary is home to many rare and endangered species of birds, butterflies, and animals. A naturally occurring and highly significant phenomenon called a salt lick is also present at the sanctuary. Visit this beautiful bird sanctuary in September to witness rare migratory birds. Read on to know more.

Ghosu Bird Sanctuary Houses Over 20 Endangered Bird Species

The sanctuary is located km from the district headquarters of Zunheboto. Ghosu Bird Sanctuary is home to a wide range of avifauna. It houses many species and hosts more than 20 endangered bird species within the sanctuary’s boundaries. Commonly spotted birds are little Bunting, Cuckoo, Himalayan Black Bulbul, Grey-Hooded Warbler, Oriental Magpie Robin, and Great-Eared Nightjar. If you are a bird lover or ornithologist then be sure to visit this sanctuary.

The Ghosu Bird Sanctuary Community Conservation Area was formed in 2014 to protect the diverse migratory and endemic species of birds and animals. Due to this act hunting and logging are banned in the area. There is a popular practice to visit the place during the months of June to September to watch a large number of migratory birds. It is a magnificent sight to witness for every bird lover out there.

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Ghosu Bird Sanctuary
Credits: Wikimedia

How To Reach Ghosu Bird Sanctuary?

You can take a rental car or state-run bus to reach Zunheboto. You can even take local transport to reach the bird sanctuary which is just 9 km from the main town.

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What Is The Best Time To Visit?

The best time to visit the sanctuary is between the months of June to September. The best months to visit Zunheboto are from June to September due to the weather. Thousands of species, including the Barred Cuckoo Dove, Common Wood Pigeon, and Emerald Dove, migrate to the Ghosu Bird Sanctuary between June and September.

Add Ghosu Bird Sanctuary to your travel bucket list and witness Nagaland’s diverse flora and fauna.

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