Have You Eaten At Hello Guppy In BKC Yet?

by Natasha Monteiro
Have You Eaten At Hello Guppy In BKC Yet?

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BKC is quickly becoming the hub of all things fun and tasty. Say Konichiwa to a great Japanese place – Hello Guppy.

 What Is It?

I’m a huge fan of Japanese cuisine and by that I don’t mean only sushi! Hello Guppy is an ode to Japanese pop art and delicious food. Think pastel colours and tiled walls, disco-balls in sunglasses, Pokémon and a suspended Pikachoo.



While BKC may have started off as a corporate hang-out, its quickly turning out to be a more relaxed environment with young lads in ripped jeans and fair belles in off-shoulder tops making their presence felt. Hello Guppy caters to the latter of the two categories. You’re more likely going to be SnapChatting and less likely going to be business chatting.


The music is like a new-wave, pop kind’ve thing so if you were expecting soothing Japanese music – you’re probably better off going to Fatty Bao or some such.

The Food:

The menu at Hello Guppy has been curated by Chef Vikram Khatri. He’s had a few years of experience working in the Land of the Rising Sun and it shows! There’s an authenticity in the Japanese cuisine here that seems to be missing innmost places. It may come from the fact that most of the ingredients here are made from scratch. Light-hearted is the word that best describes the food here. Add to it the fact that from a price point perspective, Hello Guppy is extremely accessible as opposed to its counterparts.


I’d like to take the time out to talk about the desserts at Hello Guppy – something that most Asian establishments in Mumbai are still struggling with. Their raindrop cake with a magic pop on top and the cheese cake with the matcha fondant is all you need to eat to die happy.


The Drinks

Performance cocktails seems to be the global trend these days and Helo Guppy is clearly subscribing to it. We love the Mount Fuji – an explosion of flavours in your mouth. Made of vodka and passionfruit nectar- this is just what you need to distress. Another great drink to watch out for is The Guppy Sour – which is the Japanese take on the traditional Whiskey Sour. Not a great idea to mess with an original but Hello Guppy seems to have got it right!


G Block, Ground Floor, Jet Airways-Godrej BKC Building, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra-East, Mumbai

Tel: +91 22 26534720/ Mobile – +91 7777049773

Cost For Two:
Approx INR 2200 with a beverage each


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