Black Jalebi, Old Delhi’s Iconic Sweet Must Make It To Your Wishlist & Here’s Why

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
by Vaishalee Kalvankar 452

Who doesn’t love Jalebis? Nowadays even songs are named after it. Bad one. But seriously this sweet, spiral and golden desi sweet is every Indian foodie’s favourite. Accompany it with Fafda or just have it alone, the flavour simply melts in your mouth. But have you ever heard about Black Jalebi? It is Old Delhi’s iconic sweet that you must try. 

Not A Fusion Dish, An Exclusive Delicacy

The very first time you hear about Black Jalebi you might think of it as a new fusion dish in the line of fusion trends these days. You might think of some culinary enthusiast mixing chocolate into the dough and making black jalebis. But no, this isn’t any fusion dish by any culinary enthusiast, it is an exclusive delicacy from Old Delhi. 


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Streets Of Old Delhi, Home To This Delicacy

Walking on the streets of Old Delhi, you will find a halwai shop named Sultanji Sweets and Shops near Jama Masjid. It is where you will find this uncommon sweet being prepared in large cauldrons. It is the brand of the old popular shop in Madhya Pradesh that is popular for black jalebis. 

A Different Ingredient In The Batter Does The Magic

The colour of the black jalebi comes from a different ingredient in the batter. Instead of maida that is used while making jalebi, khoya and potato starch in the batter of black jalebi. The khoya caramelises and turns black as soon as it is piped in the hot oil. These jalebis are known as khoya jalebi or mawa jalebi too. 


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So the next time you are wandering the streets of Old Delhi, make sure to try this unusual delicacy. 

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