Let’s Roar On The Shore With Power Boat Race In Mumbai

by Pooja Paryani
Let’s Roar On The Shore With Power Boat Race In Mumbai

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The shores of Mumbai are going to come alive with Powerboat race lined up at Marine Drive from March 3 to 5!

What is it?

With the launch of Nexa P1 Powerboat, Indian Grand Prix of the Seas, there will be seven teams with two boats each competing on a tailor made 5.2 km racecourse.

What’s unique?

All teams will compete in P1 Panther boats which are specially designed to race in six feet water. Boat speed: 120km/hr speed.

What are they saying?

Anil Singh, Procam International (MD) says…

“We are privileged to partner with P1 Global, where we are seeding a global sports structure from Mumbai. Program created a national movement in running, and now we are aiming to create a global movement of water,”

James Durbin, Powerboat P1 (CEO) quoted…

The boats in the competition are all stock boats and it will boil down to the skills of the pilot and navigators”. Though the India Grand Prix is a standalone event this year, we plan to have a full circuit of 12 events by 2021 with India hosting as many as five events.

Tell me more

Procam International has been holding events like Mumbai Marathon. 30 minutes of training is provided every day before the race.

The first race on Saturday, 4 March will be 15 laps with two long laps. While Sunday’s Grand Finale race will be over 20 laps with 3 long laps.

When: Friday, Mar 3 to Sunday, Mar 5
Where: Marine Drive, Mumbai

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