Bollywood Celebrity Homes You Can Actually Rent Out For A Night

by Shreya Ghosh
Bollywood Celebrity Homes You Can Actually Rent Out For A Night

All of us have dreamt of living in lavish houses just like our favourite celebrities. Following our favourite celebrities and wishing for living lives like theirs remained a part of our dream list at some point in time. wishing Well, that is not a dream anymore. Maybe you can’t live in Bollywood celebrity homes for eternity but you can surely live a day or a few. You can rent these celebrities’ houses and have the best time of your life.

Arjun Mathur’s Holiday Home

Bollywood actor Arjun Mathur is the owner of a beautiful home in Goa ‘Tranquil Haven’. It has always been his dream to have a property in Goa and now his dream came true in the most delightful way. Common people like you and me can now rent this extremely gorgeous place via Airbnb during our getaway to Goa. The property has been constructed with the theme of Goa and its beaches and it is so aesthetically pleasing. The Made In Heaven actor himself worked on the design and handpicking of this place to fulfill his life-long dream.

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Shah Rukh Khan & Gauri Khan’s Home

Gauri Khan has personally worked on redesigning her and Shah Rukh’s Delhi abode. She is a maestro at her work and she refurnished their home to a magnificent one. You can now rent the place and be a guest of the Khans via Airbnb. Airbnb collaborated with SRK and Gauri Khan to open their home’s doors for the guests. Nestled in Panchsheel Park, New Delhi they named it ‘Home With Open Arms’ just like King Khan’s most iconic pose.

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Shah Rukh Khan’s Vacation Home

Shah Rukh Khan’s holiday home in Beverly Hills is nothing less than living inside an extremely luxurious palace. It will cost you around ₹2,00,000 to stay just a night here. You can surely imagine the lavish time you get to spend booking the Beverly Hills Luxury Chateau. It boasts 6 huge bedrooms with masterpieces, luxurious hot tubs, a private pool, private cabanas, and a private tennis court. Only within a walking distance of 5 minutes, you can reach the most popular Santa Monica, Rodeo Drive, and West Hollywood.