Boman Irani Worked As A Waiter At Taj Mahal Palace In Mumbai At A Salary Of ₹105

by Shreya Ghosh
Boman Irani Worked As A Waiter At Taj Mahal Palace In Mumbai At A Salary Of ₹105

The people who we see in the big scenes, the people who we see having the most successful lives, the people who we admire to become like, are not always born with a silver spoon. One of the biggest names in the Bollywood industry, Boman Irani did not rise to his successful acting career so easily. Before joining the Hindi film industry, he worked in the hotel and hospitality industry. In a candid chat with Curly Tales, he revealed a lot about his inspirational journey.

Boman Irani Worked At Taj Mahal Palace At The Beginning Of His Career

He was a cinephile from a very young age but his first job was not in the glorious film industry. Boman Irani served food and drinks to the guests on the top floor of the Taj in Mumbai in 1979. He worked at the Rendezvous too as he needed to work at a French restaurant. Rendezvous was the finest high-end French restaurant In India at that time. For 6-8 months he worked as a waiter at the Taj. He always dreamt to work in Rendezvous! And he worked there in the room service department for almost a year.

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Boman Irani

Boman Irani Received A Salary of ₹105

In an insightful conversation with him, he shared all his nostalgic moments from the time he spent at the Taj Mahal Palace. He was a young man back then and he shared all the learnings from this industry and how that helped him in his acting career. While he was working here in 1979, he received ₹105 as his monthly salary. He saved his salary and the tips and gifted his wife a gold chain when they got married. In fact, he even gifted himself a camera!

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Boman’s Life Changed Within Sometime

His initial plan was not to join his father’s business and sit in their family wafer shop. The actor lost his father in 1959 and then his mother took over the responsibility of the shop. Some years passed by and his mother met with an accident. So, with no options left, Boman had to return and sit at the family shop.

And Then Bollywood Happened….

After appearing in some projects, Boman Irani bagged one of the biggest hits of his acting career, Munna Bhai M.B.B.S., at the age of 44 years. He was already 20 years into his marriage when he started gaining the audience’s attention with the successful movie of Rajkumar Hirani. And the rest is history! Now he is one of the most talented and biggest names in the industry.

Boman made his grand OTT debut with ‘Masoom’, a wonderful package of drama, mystery, and thrill. His next projects are ‘Unchai’, ‘Dunki’, and a lot more.

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