Bombay Cutting Chai: 5 Places To Enjoy The Perfect Masala Tea

by Shreya Ghosh
Bombay Cutting Chai: 5 Places To Enjoy The Perfect Masala Tea

No drinks or other beverages can ever come closer to a cup of cutting chai. Mumbai has so many gem-like tea stalls all around the city selling cutting chai and relaxing people for years and years. There are thousands of tea stalls lined up outside offices and colleges in the city. These tea shops are where people find solace after working hours and hours. Here’s 5 places in  Bombay for a perfect cup of cutting chai

1. Sai Tandoori Chai

Nestled opposite Vaswani Book Depo in Chembur, Sai Tandoori Chai is an absolute delight for all tea lovers. This tea stall is a tiny one but has a lot of options. Their tandoori chai is very popular and surely a must-try. It is a burst of flavours that will energise you in no time. To tag along with your cup of chai, they also serve sandwiches and Maggi. So, next time you are in Chembur, sip on a cup of tea from Sai Tandoori Chai.

2. Ashok Patil Tea Stall, Crawford Market

Photo by Sonaal Bangera on Unsplash

For a strong cup of chai, Ashok Patil Tea Stall is a must-visit. Located at Crawford market, this stall is best known for serving a hot cup of Kadak Chai. Even people from far visit here to relish chai here. The next time you are near this location, don’t forget to indulge in a cup of Kadak chai and masala chai.

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3. Kyani & Co

Kyani & Co is a whole package of a hot cup of chai and lip-smacking bun maskas and much more. This Parsi joint is just the perfect budget-friendly eatery to enjoy breakfast in South Bombay. With an authentic and vintage atmosphere, sipping on a cup of Irani tea with bun maskas and kheema pav feels right on the spot.

4. Chai Pe Charcha

If a cup of ‘Adrak Ki Chai’ makes your mouth watery, then Chai Pe Charcha is the right place for you. They serve the most amazing Adrak ki chai. Also, their specialty ‘Sukoon Ki Chai’ really provides sukoon and relaxation in just a sip. Chai Pe Charcha has almost 10 outlets all around Mumbai. You can grab your cup from wherever you want to.

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5. Lucky Tea Stall

This tiny tea stall in Kandivali serves the most flavourful in the town. The stall is a bit hard to find in the city as it is a small one. Whenever you are near hee, make sure to grab a cup of their special cutting chai. They make the special chai with  ginger and cardamom powder that takes the taste to another level.

These are our top 5 picks from the city for the perfect cup of masala chai. Tell us about yours in the comments below.