10 Budget New Year Getaways From Bangalore For 2021

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1845

The New Year countdown has begun. With only a few weeks left to bid goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021, I’m sure you Bangaloreans are busy making New Year plans already. Being a Bangalorean myself, let me tell you one thing, to celebrate the New Year in style, you don’t have to opt for international destinations, or even venture out of Karnataka. From happening New Year parties by the beach, trekking along the hilly terrains or even immersing yourself in the rich culture of the state, there are a plethora of amazing things you can experience, just hours away from Bangalore. So here are 10 budget New Year’s getaways from Bangalore, which includes few personal recommendations too, so you can truly have a Happy New Year.

1. Splash Of Celebration At Udupi

What if I were to tell you that India has its own piece of Madagascar islands? Well, you can experience it in Udupi’s St. Mary’s island, which was a part of Madagascar millions of years ago. It broke away due to volcanic activity. Nevertheless, this gorgeous island with secluded white sandy beaches strewn with seashells is one of the most gorgeous budget New Year’s getaways from Bangalore. Udupi is located around 403 km away from Bangalore. And apart from St. Mary’s islands, you can visit ancient temples like the Udupi Sri Krishna Matha and Anantheshwara Temple. Gorge on delicious local dishes like Kaddubu and Goli Baje here and start your New Year on a delicious note.

Budget New Year's Getaways From Bangalore, udupi

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2. Royal New Year At Mysore

There is an old saying, that any city or town apart from Bangalore, is a ‘budget getaway’ in Karnataka. It’s not an old saying, it’s my observation. Lol! If you’re looking to celebrate the New Year in a peaceful manner away from the traffic and noise of Bangalore, then head to Mysore which is just around 4 hours away from the city. You can experience, history, culture and heritage at its best here. I had recently visited Mysore with my family. Let me tell you that, apart from the iconic attractions like The Grand Mysore Palace, St. Philomena’s Church and Chamundi Hills, you must add another attraction to your list. That would be the Mysuru Sand Sculpture Museum, where you can witness breathtaking sand sculptures like the Mysore Dusshera scene, Little Mermaid, Disney characters to even sculptures of the Egyptian civilization. What makes it even more special is the fact that it’s all made by one Indian woman, the renowned sand sculptor, MN Gowri. This is one of the best budget New Year’s getaways from Bangalore, I would definitely recommend.

 Budget New Year's Getaways From Bangalore, mysore

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3. Party In Gokarna

For the party animal in you, Gokarna is one place you must visit to celebrate the New Year in style. It’s a quieter less commercial and definitely a cheaper version of Goa. You can take your gang, reside in a beach shack, go trekking towards the enchanting beaches and hot springs here, and even try out the peaceful yoga sessions. But that’s just during the day, at night you can totally let your hair loose and party hard with your gang at one of the serene beaches in Gokarna. It’s around 484 km away from Bangalore and definitely a happening beach destination in India.

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 Budget New Year's Getaways From Bangalore,gokarna

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4. Coffee Heaven At Chikmagalur

If you swear by the filter coffee in Bangalore, then drive just 5 hours away from the city this New Year to visit India’s Coffee Heaven- Chikmagalur. Enjoy a picturesque view of the hill town by trekking towards the Mullayanagiri Peak and Kudremukh Mountain. Unleash your adventurous side by going river rafting and even going on a cave exploration trip to the Baba Budangiri Caves. Visit the coffee plantations and sip on strong, freshly brewed coffee here. Go one step ahead and prove your ultimate loyalty to coffee by visiting Chikmagalur’s Coffee Museum and have a Cuppa New Year! This is one of the best budget New Year’s Getaways from Bangalore, you must visit.

5. Tropical New Year In Mangalore

Being a Mangalorean, I can tell you that Mangalore has 3 things- amazing food, beautiful beaches and extremely hot and humid weather. But when it comes to budget New Year’s getaways from Bangalore which is around 8 hours away from Garden City. The weather in Mangalore would be pleasant during this time of the year, so visit here for the food and the beaches. Apart from rhyming with Bangalore, Mangalore doesn’t have anything much in common with Bangalore. In fact, it offers you loads of different experiences that you could never find in Bangalore. The lush greenery, tall coconut trees, clean secluded beaches like the Panambur Beach and the Tannirbhavi Beach is a sight to behold. You can even visit the Mangaladevi Temple, Milagres Church, Sammilan Shetty’s Butterfly Park and the Pilikula Golf Club. Coming to every Konkani’s priority in life- food. Gorge on delicious fish thalis starting from only ₹57 at Machali, and mouth-watering Rava fish fry at Maharaja Restaurant. Do not leave Mangalore without having ice creams and sundaes like the signature Gadbad and Tiramisu at the 44-year-old, Pabbas Ice Cream Parlour.

 Budget New Year's Getaways From Bangalore, mangalore

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6. Adventure At Dandeli

Who said New Year has to just be about parties? You can make your New Year a happy one, the way you wish it to be. And if you’re an adventure activity freak, then Dandeli in Karnataka is a 9-hour journey from Bangalore. This is one of the best times to visit this town famous for its beautiful landscape and adventurous activities. This New Year, you can go bird watching or on a jungle safari to the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, cave exploration trip to the Kavala Caves, visit the  Sathodi Falls and even go river rafting on the gushing waters here. This is one of the best budget New Year’s getaways from Bangalore that you must visit with your friends and family. You can Experience White Water Rafting In Dandeli Near Bengaluru

best may honeymoon destinations in india. dandeli

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7. Junglee New Year At Bandipur National Park

Drive around 5 hours away from Bangalore to Karnataka’s gorgeous Bandipur National Park this New Year. This place was actually the hunting grounds of the Maharaja of Mysore. It was later converted as a reserve in 1974 to protect the animals, especially the tigers residing here. You can reside in a cosy forest lodge in Bandipur and go on a jungle safari spotting a number of animals in the thick forest reserve like the elephants, hornbills, deers, pythons, sloth bears, pythons and panthers. It is one of the finest budget New Year’s getaways from Bangalore that you must travel to.

 Budget New Year's Getaways From Bangalore, bandipur national park

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8. Trekking In Kodachadri

For you lovely readers out there, allow me to let you in on my personal experience. Like most of you out there, I was too once a daydreamer, escaping reality. Engulfed by Bangalore’s fast-paced life, I found solace in escaping from it all. Dreams seemed more beautiful than reality. Until I went on a 12 km monsoon trek to Kodachadri with my best friend. Staying in a quaint homestay, savouring simple food cooked by priests and of course going on a tiring slushy trek to reach the peak of the Kodachadri mountain changed everything. The foggy skies, green mountains and the gushing waterfalls near the mountain, made me realise that nature’s gifts were so divine, and reality surpassed imaginations, any day. So if you’re looking for a once in a lifetime opportunity, going trekking, bathing in waterfalls, boating across a lake, staying in a simple homestay, relishing home-cooked food and of course enjoying the tranquility of nature, then Kodachadri would be my personal recommendation for you to spend your New Year in a beautiful manner. It’s around 413 km away from Bangalore and definitely one of the most amazing budget New Year’s getaways from Bangalore.

 Budget New Year's Getaways From Bangalore, kodachadri

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9. Hilly Celebrations At Madikeri

Drive around 5 hours away from Bangalore this New Year to visit the hill town of Madikeri. The mist covered coffee plantations and the picturesque view of the Western Ghats makes this a beautiful hill station to visit. Stay in quaint homestays here which are charming and affordable. Sip on hot frothy coffee and savour Coorgi dishes like the Pandi Curry and the Bamboo Shoot Curry. Take a stroll along the hilly region and visit the viewpoints to soak in the beautiful sunset. It will be a breezy, cosy New Year experience where you can spend lots of quality time with your loved one.

 Budget New Year's Getaways From Bangalore, madikeri

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10. Culture Rich New Year At Hampi

When it comes to budget New Year’s getaways in Bangalore, I had to include Hampi on my list. That’s because I actually celebrated New Year here with my friends. Hampi is around 349 km away from Bangalore and in the month of December, the weather is pleasant after sunset, but it can be quite warm during the day, since its an area of ruins. Nevertheless, I had a fantastic time ringing in the New Year here at this UNESCO World Heritage Site which houses the ruins of the great Vijayanagara Empire. I stayed at a charming homestay in Hippie Island, where my day would commence crossing the island by boat to reach the Vijaynagara ruins. During the day I would explore the majestic ruins and shop for cute souvenirs. And at night, I would chill with my gang, going restaurant shack hopping, or taking a leisure walk in the narrow lanes of Hippie Island. The New Year celebrations were fun at the shacks, where karaoke, live music and other such activities were organized. It was a memorable New Year celebration in Hampi where I got the best of culture, breathtaking architecture, delicious food at the shacks and an amazing vibe. It’s definitely one of the best budget New Year’s getaways from Bangalore.

So with this list of amazing budget New Year’s getaways from Bangalore, I hope that you will make your plans soon and not delay any further. Make your bookings in advance, stay in homestays and if possible, travel by road, train or bus so you can make your New Year plans an affordable one. Have a Happy New Year! Check out 5 Best Weekend Getaways From Bangalore

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