Buy A Charming Home Near Rome For Less Than The Price Of A Pizza; Here’s How!

by Sanjana Shenoy
Buy A Charming Home Near Rome For Less Than The Price Of A Pizza; Here’s How!

If you’ve always wanted to settle down in a charming little town in Europe, then we’re here to make your dreams come true. You can now buy a home in Pratola Peligna, near Italy’s finest ski resorts for less than the price of a pizza. Yes! We’re not kidding. The Italian town of Pratola Peligna is selling its houses for just €1(₹86). Read on to find out how.

Pratola Peligna Near Rome Sells Houses For Just ₹86

Nestled in Abruzzo, Pratola Peligna is just two hours away from Rome. The town is home to 630 vacant homes with 250 of them available for less than the cost of a pizza or even a McDonald’s burger. The town is also in close proximity to Italy’s best ski resorts. Expect scenic views of the Apennine Mountains, cobblestoned pathways, days spent hiking and skiing or visit Rome’s stunning churches and alleys.

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Pratola Peligna sells houses
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Anyone Can Purchase A Home Here Without Paying Any Deposits

Anyone can purchase a home near. You don’t need to be a resident of the country or even provide a deposit. But you do need to have a concrete plan to renovate the home within 6 months of purchasing it. If you don’t have a sure shot plan, then maybe it’s time to pay a hefty fine of €10,000 (₹8,70,000). The aim behind the initiative is not to let these homes crumble away. Pratola Peligna has witnessed a severe decrease in population coupled with earthquakes. So, the goal of the town is to revive the beauty and encourage people to buy and renovate their little houses. So, if you wish to buy a little house in one of the most charming places on earth, just apply here.


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