Seattle Airport Launches Robot That Will Bring Food From Restaurants Right To The Gate

seattle airport robot
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 419

The next time you’re at Seattle airport, craving for a hot burger, but too tired to walk to the food court, you can order it right where you are, without moving an inch. Well, this is all thanks to “Gita”, the robot. Passengers at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport can order from restaurants like McDonald’s by using the online food delivery service Order SEA. The robot on wheels, Gita, escorted by a human, shall deliver the meal at your gate. Read on to know-how.

Seattle Airport Uses ‘Gita’ The Robot To Deliver Food At Terminals

Storing up to 40 pounds ( 18 kg) of food, “Gita” a robot on wheels, delivers food from restaurants at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to passengers, waiting at their gates. The robot gets escorted by a human to deliver the meal, Sometimes if “Gita” gets overwhelmed, the food is delivered by a human courier instead. Airport officials revealed that Seattle Airport will soon witness a fleet of robot couriers, cruising through the terminals in the future. All passengers need is a smartphone or laptop to order coffee, sandwiches, hotdogs, burgers and other food. It gets delivered from 15 terminal restaurants like Pei Wei, Rel’Lish Burger Lounge, Trail Head BBQ and more.

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seattle airport robot

Picture Credits: Ellen M. Banner / The Seattle Times

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This Robot On Wheels Reduces Crowds At Restaurants In The Airport

Airport officials expect the airport, housing 55 restaurants to get more food vendors to sign up with “Gita”, and the robot delivery service system. Port of Seattle Commissioner Sam Cho revealed in a statement that orders would mean travellers can ditch standing in queues and enjoy food at the airport in a hassle-free way. The robot costing $3,200 (₹2,36,136) is owned by AtYourGate. This is the company that operates the airport delivery app.

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seattle airport robot

Picture Credits: Ellen M. Banner / The Seattle Times

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The airport hopes that this robot delivery system will reduce crowds at McDonald’s and other popular restaurants at Seattle Airport. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the use of robots to reduce crowds is a much-needed invention. Meanwhile, have you visit Bangalore’s first Robot Restaurant yet?

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