Robots Work At $15 Dollar Per Day At This US Restaurant With Staff Shortage

by Tania Tarafdar
Robots Work At $15 Dollar Per Day At This US Restaurant With Staff Shortage

Ever wondered how the world will look like in 2050? Well, probably robots will take over humans. We will see robots working in corporate offices and driving cars. However, it seems like robots have already taken over restaurants. Yes, a Latin American restaurant in Texas is renting robots for $15 a day it struggles to find staff for serving guests. As reported by CNN, Espartaco Borga, owner of La Duni in Dallas said that the robots welcome guests and take food to the tables. They also sing happy birthday and laugh with the guests.

The Restaurant Leased 3 Robots For 48 Months

While the staff at these stores are overwhelmed, overworked, and frustrated, the robots are filling in the gaps. According to reports, the restaurant leased three robots for 48 months. Panchita is the food runner, Alexcita is the beverage runner, and Coqueta, the host assistant. They leased the robots from Texas-based American Robotech. A Pizza-Making Robot Is Also Out In The Market To Help Eateries Save Dough.

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The Robots Help Reduce The Workload Of The Existing Staff

There are many perks of getting a robot onboard. They do not need the 14-days training and can begin working 90-minute after initial setup. Besides, the money saved in bringing in robots helps the owner pay the rest of the staff. The robots also help reduce the workload of the existing staff. Due to the pandemic, the restaurant suddenly saw an increase in delivery. The staff eventually became overworked and frustrated and they soon suffered a severe shortage of staff.

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Another California drive-thru installed a voice-assistant robot to take orders. Are robots the future of the F&B industry? We think, yes! What are your thoughts?