Dosa War Starts On Twitter Over A Claim That North Indian Dosa Is Better

by Suchismita Pal
Dosa War Starts On Twitter Over A Claim That North Indian Dosa Is Better

On October 6, #Dosa started trending on social media after a Twitterati declared that “North Indian Dosa is Better”. This lead to a full-on Twitter battle. While some questioned if North Indian Dosa is even an accurate term, others quipped that nothing can beat the authentic South Indian dosa. North Indian dosa belongs to the variations of dosa where the snack is paired with cheese, chocolate and even noodles. Many joined the debate urging people to not ruin their favourite dish.

Anand Mahindra Feels This Dosa Maker Is Faster Than Robots

“This gentleman makes robots look like unproductive slowpokes… I’m tired just watching him…and hungry, of course…”. That’s what business Tycoon Anand Mahindra said after watching a video of a dosa maker, who seemed to make the the dish at a supersonic speed. In the video, a man is seen speedily slicing the dosa into pieces, floating them onto the plate and transferring the plate to another man in the blink of an eye. Reportedly, the dosa shop is from the Dadar area in Mumbai.

It’s Muttu Dosa Corner Of Dadar And The Owner Inspired By Rajinikanth

The impeccable dosa making skills of the man in the video has left the internet utterly awestruck. Some people lauded his style, some others praised the dosa he makes. One user wrote, “Yes Sir. I think he is Dadar man near Hindmata. When ever I go Dadar I visit him. He makes v tasty Dosa. His chatni is just Superb. If quality is super, there can not be any scarcity of customers.” Another commented, “Famous ‘Muttu Dosa Corner’ which serves delicious Masala/ Mysore Masala Dosa. The unique swag of the owner while serving the dosa. Inspired from South Indian superstar Rajinikanth, the owner of the stall can be seen preparing one dosa after another at a mind-blowing speed.” In February 2021, Aamchi Mumbai had uploaded the full dosa making video of this stall on YouTube.

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Netizens Compare The Dosa Maker With Charlie Chaplin And His Keeper With MS Dhoni

A Twitter user compared the dosa making with the ‘Factory Scene’ of Modern Times By Charlie Chaplin. Posting a clip from the 1936 comedy film, he wrote, “Reminds me of Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times.” One even said, “He has wonderful keeper like MS Dhoni, whomis@not missing a single plate.” Another user called the dosa a ‘flying dosa’.

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