This Mumbai Street Stall Serves ‘Flying Dosas’ That Land Straight To Your Plate

by Suchismita Pal
This Mumbai Street Stall Serves ‘Flying Dosas’ That Land Straight To Your Plate

There are many roadside stalls that attract a lot of people due to their delicious food. Also, there are some street vendors who can win the hearts of their patrons with witty styles, quirky techniques and more. Such is the dosa seller of Shree Balaji Dosa in South Mumbai’s Mangaldas Market. He cooks the dosa, flips it high up in the air and interestingly, the dosa lands right on the customer’s plate. A channel named ‘Street Food Recipes’ shared the stunt over social media, which has made the dosa seller an overnight Internet sensation.

Mumbai Flying Dosas
Picture Credits: Aamchi Mumbai

Dosa Flipped Into The Air That Falls Right On The Plate

Mumbai is one of the cities that serve the best street food in India. From vada pavs, pani puris, pav bhajis and goals to pohas, tikkas more, street food dishes are wholeheartedly loved by Mumbaikars. And the street vendor at  Shree Balaji Dosa in South Mumbai has taken the street food game a notch higher with his unique flipping style. And he is a pro flipper. He throws up the dosa in the air and the customer sees it dropping right on the plate. The video of the dosa seller shared on Facebook has grabbed millions of likes and thousands of comments.

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The Dosa Seller Received Praises From Malaysia

Netizens have expressed mixed views over the flipping technique of the dosa seller. One wrote, “I think that’s not necessary to throw this dosa in air.” Another wrote, “The seller has decoded the Instagram and YouTube Era, You serve anything but it should be photogenic or it should have some X factor worth capturing in the video, So automatically the food vloggers will do the marketing. The food vloggers will get content and the seller will get free publicity.” Another user from Malaysia wrote, “Perfect bro… you do something different. This is a style of business as long your place is clean and good quality food kept it up… Greeting from Malaysia.”

Mumbai Flying Dosas
Picture Credits: magicpin

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Has the dosa flown to your plate yet?