This Chaiwala In Nagpur Serves Tea With An Unbeatable Swag & People Are Loving It!

Nagpur Chaiwala
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 1649

Dolly from Nagpur isn’t any ordinary chaiwala. He is a celebrity among his the city people as he makes and serves tea with a lot of swagger, hands down. His buys are huge fans of him and yes he has got a large number of regular customers, not only because of his chai, but because of him. Dolly has his own style, and he says that he is inspired by the South Indian hero Rajnikanth. Due to this long hair and sharp face, some people call him Johnny Depp too. He adopts a unique style in lighting up the ciggies of his patrons and his swag doesn’t drop for a minute, even at the time of taking and giving back money. His high enthusiasm and jovial spirit has made him very popular among the youngsters. Dolly even gives free elaichi to the first time visitors of his stall.

Dolly, A Chaiwala Who Is Very, Very Jolly…!

Dolly ki Chai in Nagpur is loved by many, not only because of the amazing chai, for also for Dolly. Dolly is like no other chaiwala. He is probably like a chaiwala of a Bollywood movie, and he is totally unique in his fashion, actions and temperament. Dolly serves chai from 6 AM to 9 PM and with his unrestrained energy, he keeps entertaining his patrons. He serves cups of chai at ₹5 and ₹7. The moment you’ll watch him making the tea, you might get awestruck and think “What a technique, man”. He pours the milk into a tea from a height and that too in a good speed without splitting. He knows the style and he is a pro at it. Meanwhile, did you know about the history and origin of chai?

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Having A Bad Day? Head Over To Dolly’s Tapri

Dolly also has a unique technique of receiving money from his buyers and giving back the change. Dolly’s tea stall is like a stage for him and he keeps his buyers hooked with his mind-boggling styles. If someone is going through a bad day, that person should definitely head over to Dolly’s tapri. The soothing chai with Dolly’s sparkling eyes and uninterrupted zeal will be enough to cheer up the person’s mood. It shows that Dolly totally enjoys his work and ensures that his customers too enjoy when they are around him. People buy chai from Dolly and get a happy mood as add on.

Nagpur Chaiwala

Picture Credits: YouTube/ Chalte Chalte Charcha

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Dolly has been in business for over 10 years, and no matter what month or what season it is, his positiveness always wins the hearts of each person who visits his stall. If you hit up Nagpur, definitely head over to Dolly’s tea stall to get a dose of his unique amusement, along with his great tea. You’ll remember him for a long time, we bet! Meanwhile, here are some types of tea drinkers you’ve come across for sure:


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