Rajinikanth-Style Dosa In Mumbai Stall Creates Huge Buzz On Social Media

by Sanjana Shenoy
Rajinikanth-Style Dosa In Mumbai Stall Creates Huge Buzz On Social Media

Who does not know Thalaiva? Rajinikanth has been synonymous with South Indian movies with his style and panache and his movies have been breaking box office records since we were teething. Recently, one dosa seller has garnered a lot of praise on the internet for his unique style of preparing and serving dosas and he credits Rajinikath for his style. Netizens are surely impressed, wait till you read our blog and watch his video to get your taste buds a roll for more!

Thalaiva On A Plate At Mumbai Stall

Muttu Dosa Corner has been around for over 30 years and the vendor takes his Rajinikanth fandom seriously. So much so that he makes his dosa and serves them in a unique and creative manner. The video of Muttu Anna, the owner of Muttu Dosa Corner making, cutting, plating and sliding the dosa has created quite a frenzy on the internet. His videos have garnered over 1.9 million views and over 39,000 comments. Muttu Dosa Corner is located at Dadar, Mumbai. Watch this video as you see him in action, serving delicious dosas with panache. Meanwhile, do you know about the Flying Dosa in Mumbai? 

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Social Media Goes Gaga At Unique Rajinikanth-Style Dosa

One comment mentioned that “The best dosa one can have and Muthu uncle makes them delicious with a smile always on his face…been having them since childhood and still searching a hotel or place which can serve better dosas than him!” Another wrote, “Yummy yum. Very nice showmanship with the sliding of the plates. Well done. A third user commented, “The guy catching the plates could’ve been a very good wicketkeeper. Smooth bucketing.”

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rajinikanth dosa mumbai
Picture Credits: Facebook/ Screen Grab

Yet another joked, “I’ve seen flying dosa. Now this sliding dosa. Anticipating to see dropping dosa.” Muthu Anna can serve you dosas in split seconds. One can see that the man is serving a variety of dosas like the Masala Dosa, Mysore Dosa and more at his stall. So when it comes to amazing dosas in Mumbai, you know where to go!