Madurai Restaurant Is Making Mask Parottas And Corona-Shaped Dosas

madurai restaurant Mask Parottas Corona-shaped Dosas
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1409

The year 2020, whether we like it or not is all about the coronavirus pandemic. So much so that coronavirus themed foods started making the rounds of bakeries and restaurants across the world. And now, a restaurateur in Tamil Nadu’s Temple City of Madurai has also joined the bandwagon. KL Kumar has created a coronavirus themed menu not just to earn profits but also create awareness about this deadly disease. Kumar’s restaurant has innovated their existing dishes and is presenting them with a COVID spin. Corona-shaped Dosas, Mask Parottas and Bondas with a new herbal concoction are the latest dishes on his menu since July 8, morning.

madurai restaurant Mask Parottas Corona-shaped Dosas

Picture Credits: WION

Madurai Restaurant Serves Mask Parottas & Corona-shaped Dosas

Since the last week, Madurai witnessed a rapid spike in coronavirus cases. Over 300 new cases have been reported daily. The district is also under strict lockdown since the last week of June. During these tough times, restauranter KL Kumar decided to give his dishes a corona twists as a means to create awareness among the public. So he first innovated Madurai’s favourite Parotta and created the Mask Parotta dish which will be served at his restaurant. Ready to eat Parottas are charged 18% GST along with ready to eat popcorn. 

madurai restaurant Mask Parottas Corona-shaped Dosas

Picture Credits: DNA India

Kumar states to WION “From yesterday morning we have started selling these new dishes and they are available for take-away only, because of the current government restrictions. We didn’t expect that they would go viral in a day. We hope to revive the business as the last few months have hit us really hard.”

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The Hotel Also Serves Complimentary Herbal Rasam To Boost Immunity

The restauranter adds that innovating dishes is nothing new for them. Kumar even recalled serving a bat-shaped dosa after Sachin Tendulkar scored 100 runs. He also offered a Rasi-dosa’  prepared from ingredients suitable for one’s astrology. KL Kumar revealed that his hotel’s idea is to create a small impact and awareness through the food they serve.

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Apart from these innovative dishes that are sold for just ₹50 (for a set of 2) the hotel also serves a complimentary ‘herbal rasam’ with some of their dishes. They claim this herbal drink will build one’s immunity. Kumar reveals to WION “Usually during the lockdown, we have a demand for only 50 sets of parottas, but now the demand has shot up nearly ten times. Parottas are generally sought after at night, but now the demand is high even from the morning.” Manager Poovalingam stated to ANI that since people of Madurai aren’t particular about wearing masks, they innovated mask parottas to spread awareness among people.

madurai restaurant Mask Parottas Corona-shaped Dosas

Picture Credits: ANI

Well, this quirky coronavirus themed dishes certainly brought a huge spike in the sale at Kumar’s hotel branch situated in the Mattuthavani market area. He also hopes to serve these dishes across his chain of 12 hotels in Madurai once the lockdown eases. Well, while you can’t gorge on these corona-shaped dosas, take a virtual tour around the best dosa spots in Mumbai


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