Kolkata’s ‘Immunity Sandesh’ Is Made With 15 Herbs

by Suchismita Pal
Kolkata’s ‘Immunity Sandesh’ Is Made With 15 Herbs

One of the most iconic sweet shops in Kolkata, Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick has now come up with a unique sweet to help Bengal fight the novel coronavirus. This first-of-its-kind sweet is called the ‘Immunity Sandesh’ and it is made with 15 precious herbs and spices. Some of these herbs are turmeric, cardamom, licorice, ginger, tulsi, nutmeg, galangal, black cumin, black pepper, peepul and bay leaves. These herbs are blended with chhenna to make the medicinal sweet.

Kolkata Sweet Shop Makes Sandesh To Boost Up Body Immunity

According to the sweet makers, the ingredients used to make the Immunity Sandesh will boost up the immunity of the body. Also, they have made the sweet without using any sugar or jaggery. They have used Himalayan honey instead. As per reports, the makers claimed that honey will help the herbs in retaining their nutrients. On the other hand, sugar or jaggery might decrease the efficiency of the herbs. One piece of this Immunity Sandesh comes at just ₹25. Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick is also delivering the sweet through its website. For delivery, a pack of 9 sweets will cost ₹830. The charges for the sweet is much higher online than in the shop, however, the guys are providing free delivery all over India.

Also, to combat the spread of the virus, cabs and autos in Kolkata are using special plastic separators.

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What Else?

About a couple of months ago, Hindustan Sweets, another popular sweet shop in Kolkata, had come up with a sweet named Coronavirus Sandesh. It was a carmine-hued dessert in the shape of coronavirus. Though netizens had mixed reactions about this sweet, the owner of the sweet shop had actually started making it to spread awareness of COVID-19. The coronavirus sweet, and then the Immunity Sandesh, aptly prove that Kolkata leaves no scope in experimenting with sweets. No doubt, the city is the most popular mithai hub in the country.

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Ready to take a bite of this amazing, herb-infused immunity sweet? Visit their website right now and order away! On that note, here are 6 interesting coronavirus-themed foods from across the world.