A Pizza-Making Robot Is Out In The Market To Help Eateries Save Dough

by Tania Tarafdar

Piza is at the forefront of innovation in the restaurant industry. It is, therefore, not surprising to learn that food chains are now using pizza making-robots to prepare the dish. Seattle-based Picnic recently announced that it’s accepting pre-orders for its pizza-assembling robot. Are you wondering how do these pizza robots work? Here’s what you need to know:

The Robot Dispenses Sauce, Toppings, And Cheese

The ‘Pizza System’ comprises modules that dispense sauce, toppings, and cheese onto the dough. With the help of this robot, a single person can prepare up to 100 pizzas in an hour. And while these machines aren’t new, they are newly available to restaurants. According to reports, the cost of the machine ranges from $3,500 to $5,000 per month.

But do restaurant owners approve of this machine? Many have said that they would rather hire a line cook and pay them $2,400 to do the same job. Leasing out the Pizza System may actually cost almost double. Many others have said that customers were attracted to the manual pizza-making process. American Chef Makes Butter Chicken Pizza And We’re Already Drooling; Here’s How You Can Make It Too.

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The Robot Reduced Labour And Food Wastage

On the other hand, Clayton Wood, CEO of Picnic, said that the Pizza System has many takers because of the labor savings, reduced food waste savings, ongoing support, and consistency of the product. The plethora of facilities justifies the high monthly rent of the machine. Despite the mixed reviews from the chefs, Picnic said interest in the robot had been strong. The company also said that it would reveal some of its customers in the coming days.

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What are your thoughts on this pizza-making robot?