This Hyderabad Restaurant Has A Robot Waiter That Shakes Hands & Talks To Customers

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1305

Meet Maira, a warm, hospitable waiter in Hyderabad’s Chitti in Town restaurant. Maira welcomes guests, talks to people of all age groups, entertains them while their food arrives. Well, Maira is no ordinary waiter, it’s in fact the abbreviation of  Multi-Sensing Intelligent Robotic Assistant. Yes, Chitti in Town is a restaurant that attracts foodies fascinated to meet Maira, a robot waiter that shakes hands with customers and talks to them about anything under the sun.

The Talking Robot Maira Enthrals Diners In Hyderabad’s Chitti in Town

Hyderabad-based Vistan NextGen manufactured the interactive robot Maira for the new multi-cuisine restaurant Chitti in Town. Owned by Ganesh Reddy, Teja Kiran Srikanth and Padmaja Goud it took 8 months to plan and conceptualise this restaurant. One of the partners of Chitti in Town, Teja Kiran spoke to Telangana Today. He revealed that the coronavirus pandemic showed them the advantages to launch a restaurant with interactive robots. Kiran also added that the robots promise minimal human contact to diners apart from being a great source of novelty.

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The Robot Modulates Its Voice When It Speaks To People Of Different Age Groups & Genders

There are an array of innovative robot restaurants in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, which serve food to diners. But the robot Maira in Chitti in Town stands out for many reasons. One, it shakes hands, greets customers and leads them to their tables. Two, it can modulate its voice when it speaks to a woman, man or even a child. The interactive robot uses six-voice modulations in its interactions. Maira is programmed to see, hear and feel surroundings to rapidly adapt accordingly. Rama Raju Singam, founder, Vistan NextGen states to Telangana Today that it’s the first of its kind robot in India.


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The robot will respond to any name chosen for them and will react to voice commands. Diners of all age groups can carry on long conversations with Maira. It’s good food with a serving of the future. Here in Bengaluru, you can visit the Robot Restaurant. 

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