By Smita In Kolkata Allows You To Grow Your Own Pencil!

by Kritika Kukreja
By Smita In Kolkata Allows You To Grow Your Own Pencil!

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‘By Smita’ at Alipore, Kolkata is a brand teaching people tconserve the environment in a new way. 

What Is It?

Have you ever imagined growing your own pencil or book? By Smita in Kolkata is showing the right way to conserve the environment. Smita’s unique idea involves planting used pencils or books and now even rakhis! They make the perfect gifts too! Along with that, GIY kits are available for pencils, books, and rakhis, that are made with soil cakes. 

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How Does It Work?

Once you’ve used up your pencil, plant it in the kit & water to see it grow in 7-10 days. Similary, any page of the book can be planted or even a rakhi after it’s used. The idea is to plant seeds in these used products and grow more greens in a way. This is a unique experience that we’ve all been waiting for!

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