C20 Nagpur Delegates Will be Served Delicacies From Saoji Cuisine To Local Millets, Celebrating The Year Of Millets

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
C20 Nagpur Delegates Will be Served Delicacies From Saoji Cuisine To Local Millets, Celebrating The Year Of Millets

A gala dinner event is scheduled for March 20 for all the C20 delegates in Nagpur. The menu will include all the amazing flavours of Nagpur. The guests will be served over 70 items, including dishes from Saoji cuisine and local millets, all curated by celebrity chef Vishnu Manohar. The Civil 20 meetings will begin on March 20 in Nagpur and end in the month of July in Rajasthan. Here is a sneak peek into the gala dinner. 

Gala Dinner For C20 Nagpur Delegates

According to a report by Times Of India, after experiencing the beauty of the musical fountain at Futala, over 200 delegates of C20 Nagpur will witness amazing culinary magic with Nagpur’s famous flavours. The menu is designed to highlight the local cuisine of the place. In this open air dinner, all the delegates will get to taste Nagpur’s local flavours, understand the recipe, and also experience the diverse and rich food choices offered by India. 

From the main course to the salads and pickles, they will be served 70 items. The menu will include millet-based dishes, showcasing the plethora of healthy dishes available here. Celebrity chef Vishnu Manohar is busy planning the minutest details and curating an experience like never before. 

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Manohar said that this is not just food but also the culture that has to be showcased. He further explained that near the Saoji section, there will be people from the weaver community. The Saoji cuisine originates from this Bunkar weaver community. They will be sharing their story of how they shifted from weaving to the food industry and carved a niche for themselves. 

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Each Dish Will be Accompanied By QR Code

Saoji cuisine originates from a community that is native to the Vidarbha region. It is the spiciest cuisine. The Vidarbhi tadka in the menu for C20 will include dishes like Saoji chicken, Saoji mutton, Egg Curry, Chandrapur wada, Bhandari bhatode, Patodi rassa, Bhakri, and Lambi roti. 

Every dish at the gala dinner will have a QR code with it. If you scan the QR code, you can easily know the ingredients, history, recipe, and nutritional value of the dishes you are trying. 


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Millets are an environmentally friendly and healthy option, and Manohar will keep coming up with recipes as India celebrates, ‘Year of Millets‘. He said that millets are very unique to the region and need minimal water and care. Manohar mentioned that millets have more nutritional value than wheat or rice. 

 They will also be serving continental dishes, as there should be dishes to suit everyone’s taste. 

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