Cabin Crew Uses ‘Lasso Rope’ To Stop Teen From Opening Plane Door; Wonder Woman, Is That You?

by Tejashee Kashyap
Cabin Crew Uses ‘Lasso Rope’ To Stop Teen From Opening Plane Door; Wonder Woman, Is That You?

In recent years, there have been unfortunate instances of inflight accidents, some resulting in casualties. In the latest news, ‘Lasso rope and tie wraps’ were used by Jeju Airlines flight attendants to hold a 19-year-old. The teenager attempted to unlock the jet door while it was in flight.

A Teenager Tried Opening The Plane’s Door Mid-Air On Jeju Airlines

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The 19-year-old was detained last Monday after attempting to open the emergency door of a passenger Jeju Airlines aeroplane headed for Seoul, according to The Independent. This was the second similar occurrence in South Korea in less than a month. He was found to be under the influence of narcotics after a subsequent inquiry by the Incheon Airport police.

The adolescent had gotten on the aircraft from Cebu, Philippines, to South Korea. 180 people were travelling on board. But after about an hour of the trip, the teenager started acting “strangely”. Additionally, he expressed discomfort over “pressure” on his chest.

The Jeju Airlines crew then shifted him to the row closest to the emergency exit so they could better keep an eye on him. The teenager abruptly went towards the jet door and attempted to open it after shifting seats, though. He was “immediately subdued by the crew, who used a lasso rope and tie wraps to keep him controlled for the rest of the flight,” according to an airlines representative, as reported by CNN.

Fortunately, the door stayed closed and no passengers were hurt because of the air pressure differential and the airlines’ crew’s rapid response. As the plane touched down at Seoul’s Incheon Airport, the passenger was turned up to authorities. He is alleged to have broken the Aviation Security Act.

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A Similar Incident Occurred On Asiana Airlines

Just a few weeks prior, a man was detained in South Korea for unlocking the emergency door of an Asiana Airlines jet as it was landing.

The emergency door was left open while the Airbus A321-200 aircraft touched down safely. The aircraft took off from the vacation island of Jeju and landed in Daegu. Although other passengers attempted to prevent the individual from partially opening the door, their efforts were unsuccessful. The South Korean plane did land successfully and safely, but many passengers had to go through extreme discomfort.

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