Cafe By Day, Diner By Night! Ukraine’s Forty Five Cafe Lands At Port de La Mer, Dubai

Forty Five Cafe expands horizons with new Dubai location.

by Deeplata Garde
Cafe By Day, Diner By Night! Ukraine’s Forty Five Cafe Lands At Port de La Mer, Dubai

Forty Five Cafe, hailing from Odessa, Ukraine, has launched its second venue at Port De La Mer, Dubai, promising a delightful blend of European flair and urban chic.

A Stylish Fusion Of Cafe and Diner

Designed by the esteemed Dubai-based firm ISTO, the new cafe dazzles as a serene daytime haven and transforms into a lively diner by night. The interior exudes a modern, underground vibe with captivating elements like intricate light installations and a striking torn metal panel, hinting at a concealed brick wall.

What’s on the Menu

Forty Five Cafe offers a diverse menu that caters to all tastes and times of the day:

Breakfast Delights

Avocado Toast topped with either shrimp or salmon (prices vary)
Truffle Scramble featuring eggs with optional shrimp (AED 105)
Green Breakfast comprising pesto scramble, greens, avocado mousse, and quinoa (AED 75)
Mini Pancakes with Salmon (AED 70)
Salty Oatmeal Porridge with Shrimps (AED 58)

Appetizers and Main Courses

Salmon Sashimi with avocado and peach (AED 60)
Tuna Sashimi accompanied by smoked cream cheese mousse (AED 60)
Octopus with Young Potatoes and Caviar (AED 115)
Orzo with Mushrooms and Truffle (AED 125)
Duck Leg with Puree and Raspberry Sauce (AED 170)
Roast Beef with Baby Vegetables (AED 169)


Éclair with Vanilla Cream & Chocolate (AED 35)
Black Truffle with layered chocolate sponge and dark chocolate glaze (AED 48)
Tiramisu including a unique Matcha variant (AED 45)
Cheesecake San Sebastián (AED 49)

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Pet-Friendly Atmosphere and More

Forty Five Cafe at Port De La Mer maintains a pet-friendly policy, inviting guests to enjoy their meals in the company of their furry companions. This inclusive approach adds to the cafe’s welcoming ambiance, ensuring a pleasant dining experience for all.

With its expansion to Dubai, Forty Five Cafe brings not just culinary excellence but also a vibrant atmosphere perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re starting your day with a leisurely breakfast or unwinding with cocktails in the evening, Forty Five Cafe promises a memorable dining experience infused with Ukrainian hospitality and Dubai’s cosmopolitan charm.

Cover Image Courtesy: Forty Five Cafe/ Instagram