California Witnesses Rare Phenomenon; A Floral ‘Super Bloom’ That Can Even Be Seen From Space

by Tooba Shaikh
California Witnesses Rare Phenomenon; A Floral ‘Super Bloom’ That Can Even Be Seen From Space

The American state of California is currently experiencing a botanical marvel which has been dubbed as the ‘super bloom.’ It is the natural blooming of a plethora of wildflowers after long periods of drought. Typically, drought is needed in order for the conditions to be just right for the flowers to bloom. This year, the super bloom in California is so diverse and dense that it can even be spotted from space!

Super Bloom In California Can Be Seen From Space

The patches of land that have been covered with brown dry land are now all covered in beautiful and colourful blooms. This is not a scientific phenomenon and the term ‘super bloom’ is not scientific either. However, because of its rarity and owing to the penchant that humans have for colourful flowers, it has turned into a cultural phenomenon.

This year’s bloom is so vibrant that it can even be seen in satellite imagery. Many firms have shared pictures of the Californian landscape which contain patches of yellows, purples and oranges, all of which are flowers in bloom.

Many officials say that it wouldn’t have been as big a deal back in the day as it is now, however, because of climate change, the loss of ecosystems and biodiversity has been so great that such super blooms have now been rendered a rare phenomenon.

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The Science Behind The Vibrant Bloom

Such blooms usually occur after especially wet winters which were preceded by unusually long dry spells. During the dry season, many wildflower seeds lay dormant in the soil waiting for the conditions to be just right.

Since different flowers require slightly different weather conditions to bloom, usually not as many flowers blossom together. However, California has experienced an especially wet winter this year. Reports suggest that it rained more in the winter season this year than in the entire last year combined.

This led to ideal weather conditions and the brown patches flowered into colourful blooms. People have already started pouring in from different regions to witness the glory of these flowers.

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Cover Image Credits: @Maxar/Twitter