Call Them Traffic Jams Or Dates On The Go? Bengaluru Resident Suggests A Unique Dating Strategy

by Mallika Khurana
Call Them Traffic Jams Or Dates On The Go? Bengaluru Resident Suggests A Unique Dating Strategy

In the midst of the never-ending traffic jams that define Bengaluru, a Bengaluru resident has sparked a novel dating idea. She has chosen an unusual route to romance, making gridlock and long commutes into unexpected opportunities for connection and companionship. In spite of the honking horns and traffic, Bengaluru’s persistent traffic woes have become a regular feature in the news. However, this resident has found a way to make the city’s dating scene more interesting. Confused? Let us elaborate on the innovative idea!

Bengaluru Resident Suggested Turning Traffic Into Romance

On X (formerly known as Twitter), a user and resident of Bengaluru, Prakriti, shared an unusual dating tip that has captured the imagination of many. Her idea is refreshingly unconventional: “Why not schedule your meetings a tad earlier and navigate the city’s peak traffic together?” This innovative strategy not only provides extra quality time but also offers a glimpse into your companion’s temperament under the pressure of traffic snarls. What better way to ensure your compatibility with another individual?

In a world where numerous dating apps rarely succeed in getting us genuine connections and busy lives stop us from taking it forward when we finally match with someone, this idea of dating during peak traffic hours is simply brilliant. Naturally, the response to Prakriti’s suggestion was a delightful blend of curiosity and humour from the online community.

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Turning Gridlock Into Love

While some people considered it to be an efficient compatibility test, others remembered the days when carpooling was not banned and we could ride with strangers. Many called this traffic dating idea a brilliant one and really wanted to give it a shot, but there were some who weren’t as convinced. One user even compared the idea with the concept of arranged marriage.

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Prakriti Sharma’s creative approach to dating in Bengaluru’s traffic-laden streets has sparked conversations and laughter among residents. It’s a testament to the city’s resilient spirit. Perhaps love amidst the clamour of horns and vehicles in this vibrant metropolis is the way to go. 

This dating tip will definitely ease all the irritation brought by the congested lanes of Bengaluru.

Cover Image Courtesy: Prakriti/X and Canva

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