Can It Be Safe To Travel To Mussoorie, Shimla By Bus Amid Rising Accidents

by Shreya Ghosh
Can It Be Safe To Travel To Mussoorie, Shimla By Bus Amid Rising Accidents

Accidents are usual occurrences in hill stations. The hilly uneven terrains and scary turns often lead to disastrous accidents. In fact, floods and landslides in the rainy seasons are a huge concern while travelling by road in hill stations. Many passengers lose their lives or get seriously injured. All these news and situations often lead to the question of whether it is a good decision to travel to the mountains amid rising accidents.

Is It Safe To Travel To Mussoorie By Bus Amid Rising Accidents?

On 7 August, the last Sunday, a bus carrying 39 passengers was travelling to Mussoorie. The bus was proceeding to its destination from Dehradun but unfortunately, the accident occurred en route. The bus fell into a large gorge close to the Indo-Tibetan Border Police Academy in Mussoorie as it lost its control. Injured passengers were taken to the Civil Hospital.


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Mussoorie also suffered from landslides and overflowing rising water in the last couple of weeks. These resulted in some accidents. Uttarakhand had an orange alert because of extreme rainfall and floods. This led to massive destruction on the Badrinath National Highway 7. Also, Nainital Bhowali road in Nainital suffered landslides. Following this, the Dehradun Meteorological Centre announced an orange alert for the next few days.

Is It Safe To Travel To Shimla By Bus Now?

Recently in the month of July, a severe bus accident occurred in Shimla’s Hira Nagar area. The bus was carrying about 25 passengers and all of a sudden it tripped and fell into a gorge. This bus accident led to severe injuries and a horrible situation. About 22 passengers were badly hurt and 2 were trapped under the bus. All the injured passengers were rushed to the Indira Gandhi Medical College and Hospital.

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Considering the recent accidents and the present rainy season, traveling by road is certainly very risky. If you are thinking to travel to Mussoorie, Sikkim, or any nearby hill station, it is always a good idea to avoid risky turns, uneven roads, and accident-prone areas. Accidents can happen anywhere at any moment. All you can do is stay very alert.