Canada To Declare November As Hindu Heritage Month

by Sushmita Mahanta
Canada To Declare November As Hindu Heritage Month

November might soon become a Hindu Heritage Month in Canada. Yes, you heard it right!
‘House of Commons,’ the Lower House of Canada, has unanimously passed a resolution to celebrate November as the ‘Hindu Heritage Month’. An Indian-Canadian MP has passed this proposal, however, it will now go to the Upper House Senate for a debate. And if the proposal gets a pass from the Upper House, it will be implemented in Canada next month. Read on to know more details about the resolution on Hindu Heritage Month.

Details About The Canada Hindu Heritage Month Resolution

With numerous heritage months already existing in Canada, the aim is now to pass the resolution for November as Hindu Heritage Month.
According to the proposal, the Canadian government should “recognize the contributions that Hindu-Canadians have made to the socio-economic development of Canada, and their services to the Canadian society, the richness of Hindu Heritage and its vast contribution to the world of arts and science, from astronomy to medicine, its culture and traditions and the importance of educating and reflecting upon it for the future generations in Canada by declaring November, every year, as the Hindu Heritage Month.”

Who Initiated The Resolution?

The resolution to declare November as Hindu Heritage Month was initiated by Chandra Arya, an MP from the ruling Liberal Party. Chandra Arya, who is representing Nepean in the Ottawa area, initiated this resolution in May. The Resolution also had 14 joint approvers, beyond the party line.

Chandra Arya has always voiced about situations of hate crimes. He has vehemently opposed and criticised the situations of vandalism on the Hindu temples in Toronto and the desecration of the statue of Mahatma Gandhi.
Arya hopes that declaring November as a Hindu Heritage Month will inspire the Hindu-Canadians to achieve greater heights in all social and economic spheres. He writes, “I hope this will motivate Hindu-Canadians to continue on their growth path in Canada and reach further higher levels in all spheres of Canadian society/life: economy or business; academic or culture; politics or philanthropy. The text of my closing remarks is attached.” Take a look:

Well, Hindu Heritage Month in Canada will be something to look up to. What do you think? Tell us in the comments section below!


Feature image courtesy – Twitter/Chandra Arya