Take A Cruise To The Amazon Of The East In This Unique Sailing Adventure

by Shubhanjana Das
Take A Cruise To The Amazon Of The East In This Unique Sailing Adventure

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Pirates Sail Adventure is a one-of-a-kind cruise tour in West Bengal which takes its guests on a trip to the Amazon of The East.

What Is It?

Pirates Sail Adventure has started a unique cruise tour in Bengal which takes guests on a journey through the river to hidden beaches, jungle safaris, beach-side activities, and creek boats. The guests will stay on the cruise and make stops at the Bakkhali Beach and South Sundarbans for exciting activities, bonfires by the beach, jungle safaris, and so on. You will even get certified as a Pirate after the end of the trip!

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What’s In It?

The Pirates Sail Adventure is meant truly for those who love their share of adventure as well as luxury. The beautiful white sand beach of New Bakkhali and the South Sundarbans are included in the itinerary as the two main destinations. You will stay at wooden cruise boats, take jungle safaris, boats into creeks to witness the wildlife of the Sundarbans.

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The New Bakkhali beach is packed with exciting activities like water valley ball, music, food and drinks which includes the bamboo fired kebab. Even though there are no tigers in this region, you can spot the rare river dolphin if luck is on your side.


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