Captain Zoya Agarwal Becomes 1st Indian Woman Pilot To Be Added To US Aviation Museum

by Vinita Jain
Captain Zoya Agarwal Becomes 1st Indian Woman Pilot To Be Added To US Aviation Museum

Zoya Aggarwal, the senior Air India Pilot on a Boeing 777 aircraft, became the first Indian female pilot to fly a plane over the North Pole for a record-breaking distance of 10,000 miles. This made her place in the SFO aviation museum on Friday. In 2021, the all-female Air India pilot team led by Zoya Agarwal flew the world’s longest flight route from San Francisco (SFO), in the USA to the city of Bengaluru, India via the North Pole for the first time ever.

In a conversation with ANI, Capt. Zoya Agarwal said she’s the only human who’s secured a position as a pilot at San Francisco Aviation Luis A Turpen Aviation Museum. She also said “I was amazed to see that I’m the only living object over there, I am just humbled honestly. I can’t believe that I am a part of a prestigious aviation museum in the USA.”

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SFO Museum Unveils Indian Pilot Zoya Agarwal’s Amazing Aviation Career

Recently the SFO museum unveiled Indian pilot Zoya Agarwal’s fantastic aviation career and dedication to promoting women empowerment. Aviation minister Jyotiraditya Scindia to investigate IndiGo special needs child incident; warns strict action

One official from San Francisco told ANI, “She is the first Indian pilot to join our program. In addition to her incredible Air India career, which includes a record-breaking flight from SFO to Bengaluru with an all-female crew in 2021. Her positive attitude toward the world and her commitment to helping other girls and women achieve their dreams are very inspiring. Captain Agarwal’s ability to document and share her personal story has made the SFO Museum preserve the excitement and historic character of her extraordinary career with current and future generations of aviation enthusiasts.”

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Capt. Zoya Agarwal is one of the United Nations (UN) spokespersons for gender equality and a pioneer in encouraging women and young people to make their dreams come true.

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